Compound Effect Double the Grains

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Double the Grains

Once, there was a King. He was fond of playing Chess. He was impressed by the inventor of such an amazing game. As we know, Chess is a mind game and it is all about waiting for your turn to make a smart move. Anyways, he decided to gave reward the inventor of the game.

The old man came to the Palace of the king. He was honored by the King asked for the reward of such an amazing game. The old man replied that "I just want you to put one grain in the first box of Chess, then double the grains in second, keep doubling the grains one by one and gave me the grains of the last box in the game."

The King was so amazed and considered this reward is a joke. He replied that you making the joke of mine, ask for something big in reward.

But the old man asked the same thing again and again. The king decided to give him what he is asking for.

Now, the servants take the old man to the grains stock and start counting the grains and double the count after each box in the game. They were surprised when they came to know that the final box contains the countless grains and the stock was not good enough.

Servants came back to the king and tell him the story that if we double the grains in chess box one by one, then the final box requires grains of the whole world, and we don’t have much stock for it.

The King was shocked and impressed again by the choice of the old man. Actually, the old man was asking for the money of the whole world in reward.

This is called the compound effect of doing small things continuously to gain big results.

Story Lesson

Small things can make a big difference

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5 years ago

Impressive one?

Tahir Munir
Tahir Munir
4 years ago

Good, Like it