Essay Writing: Why it's Important to Know Before Going to College?

Essay Writing
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Writing skills are essential for every student because it is the best way to express their thoughts. Exciting essays get you good marks, improve your vocabulary and expand your subject matter knowledge. Developing your essay writing skills in school will help you handle college academics with ease.

Write to win

The beauty of the writing does not end with getting words on paper but how artistically you frame the words. A person can frame the same sentence in different ways to coerce a person, make them angry, or get them excited. Essays are the best ways to learn how to ignite the feelings you want from the readers. The pen is definitely mightier than any other modern weapon in today's world, and words can generate millions of dollars.

Writing to win is the first step in learning to talk attractively to people, making them like you. Master your spellings, grammar, and vocabulary at the school level. Learn the basic essay writing techniques, like starting with an exciting sentence, introducing your idea, and giving an amazing fact to make the reader continue.

Who can help you write an essay?

You might be a good and fast writer, but things do not always work out as planned. Student life is busy and, at times, highly stressful. It is during these times that you need to hire professional writers to get help with essays. And if you wish to buy an essay, essay maker for students by EduBirdie is the top choice. When in college, students need top essay writing skills, and it’s not common for everyone to have that level of writing and editing knowledge. This is why EduBirdie is consistently rated as the number one service from all corners.

Talk in the audience's language

When you write an essay that excites and intrigues others, it is a significant confidence boost. Confidence acquired through good writing skills will reflect in all aspects of your college life. You will introduce yourself pleasantly, make a joke without cringing others, and converse, capturing the attention of your friends.

Avoid too many intellectual words or jargon and write in the language of your target audience. It is the first step to capturing the readers' attention and making them read the essay till the end. Use rich vocabulary when you present a report for a professor's approval. Use simple words your classmates can understand in a class presentation with jokes and simple metaphors to explain things clearly.

Talk in the audience's language

Reading and research for writing

Writing a great essay involves reading many topics that will enhance your knowledge. The vast knowledge helps you connect with wise people, be informed, and make the right decisions. Writing is the basis of all quality research, and reading is the only way to write the best essay.
You read about a topic or research and add your own idea to the process creating a new solution for the problem. Researchers strike an idea doing this, and the college education trains you to materialize your vision. Creativity helps you solve various issues in your college life with imagination and a presence of mind.

Learning how to present yourself

PowerPoint in education gets used extensively to give presentations. Master the tool and buy attractive pre-made slides from the internet pertaining to your topic. Presenting a medical subject in a slide with injection and heart animation will be very attractive. Use creative models to explain various topics ensuring the slides will make them engaging even if the subject is dull.

Your essay subheadings must appear on each slide, and your point must pop out with music from attractive graphics or images. Capture the readers' attention and show the best parts of your essay highlighted with bright colors. College presentations can land you prestigious jobs, and mastering essay writing and PowerPoint tool usage from school is a must for that.

Three tips to master essay writing in school

  • Always make the first paragraph as interesting as possible. Add shocking facts, quotes, or jokes to make the readers start with a smile. Don't reveal too much or give the solution in the introduction. Leave a cliff-hanger, making the professor go to the next paragraph
  • Use subheadings and bullet points to make the essay easily understandable. Use diagrams, comparison tables, and infographics to make your ideas understandable in one look.
  • Maintain a seamless flow from top to bottom and do not blatantly jump from one topic to another. Finish what you are writing about before jumping to the next idea. Always maintain a connection between the first paragraph and the next.


Writing a quality essay is like serving a full meal with starters, the main course, and ending it with a dessert. Pay attention to the introduction, an engaging body with pictures and infographics, and end with a conclusion summarizing all the main points.

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