Essential Tools for Traveling and Living Abroad

Essential Tools for Traveling
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Top 7 Essential Tools for Traveling and Living Abroad

What are the most essential items to carry on a journey? You may be thinking of going abroad, whether you want to study at a university abroad, work or go on a language study trip, or for a humanitarian mission. The most challenging milestone is overcoming the barriers blocking you from traveling. What are the essential things needed to go to a foreign country? You can use some of the vacation apps to guide you through your destination. We have listed down some of the necessary tools for traveling abroad.

1. Google Maps

Having the Google Maps app on your device is an added advantage when traveling abroad. Public transit, travel updates, tours around the city with general street view, plus a friendly voice assistant. With all details in place, GPS navigation features are provided by Google Maps to help you navigate like a pro.

2. Google Translate

Translation apps play a significant role for an individual who has not mastered well the native language. Google Translate is the best app that offers easy-to-understand language translation in any location.

You can use this app to translate more than 100 languages with great accuracy. It also lets you download the most popular dialects to help you offline. This app will impress you the most with its conversation features and camera.

With this at hand, you can read the real-time translation at any time or place because they read your text via camera, which means you won't ask someone to read you a restaurant menu again.

Another advantage is Google Translate speech technology and voice detection to translate between different individuals in real-time.

If you're looking to learn a new language, you may want to try out a language learning app which offer interactive lessons and practice exercises to help you improve your skills.

3. A VPN app

When traveling and living abroad, it is important to protect any personal information from being accessed. A VPN is a top traveler app that can help you to do it. If you are wondering what is a VPN, it is Virtual Private Network, that keeps your information hidden when you are online and encrypts the connection when browsing the internet. Therefore, before getting a VPN download, you should know these functions of VPNs:

  • Encrypt your connection
  • Keep you anonymous
  • Connect you to a server, either an international or local server.
  • Protect you when you are using websites with insufficient security features.
  • It does not permit persons trying to find your information when connected to the internet.
  • Protect you from cases where your ISP and other websites waste your data.

After making VPN connections, you are given different servers to choose from. Those servers which are listed down exist between you and the internet. Usually, when you connect to an additional server, it is like hiding your computer's IP address and encrypting it. Having done all this, details of your activity online and your location are hidden from spying eyes and hackers with bad intentions. Therefore, using a VPN means safeguarding your privacy.

Therefore, you should use a Virtual Private Network to protect any helpful information from being accessed when traveling abroad.
Is VPN worth it? Using VPNs is relatively cheap. VPN providers offer free test duration and a 30-day money return.

4. Oanda Currency Converter

Oanda uses an easy-to-understand interface that helps you access daily rates of more than 190 currencies used by tax authorities, corporations, financial institutions, and auditing firms. You can access the most frequently used currencies on this app as it uses a button for you to enter the money you want to convert. Apart from this, it also uses interbank rates, which all interested users can use.

5. FlightTrack Pro

With a massive number of more than 3,000 airports, FlightTrack Pro is the best app for you. Management of international flights is now easier using zoomable maps. On the other hand, new updates and cancellations are now with you through FlightTrack Pro. You will also be notified of push flight alerts, terminal maps, Tripit, and weather delays.

6. Facebook Messenger

The Facebook app is among the most popular communication apps globally. This app is quite important because you can call; text or exchange files with other Facebook users. Generally, Facebook is the most popular social network and an essential app that connects you to different world organizations.

7. GateGuru

This app guides you through your full-day travel. It allows you to manage your navigation according to your preference. With this app, you will find your airport cart directly on your home screen and the list of the closest airports. An essential piece of information you will get as a traveler is airport food for you at arrival and departure points, airport maps, and weather which are pretty important when traveling.

Final word

The advancement in current technology has resulted in a significant change in international travel. The app world is undergoing a vast transformation and has eliminated many travel barriers. Travel apps have made international travel more affordable with a better experience. Therefore, these apps have eliminated tiresome queues for tickets, and constant flight delays, and have created transparency in the general travel experience.

These are the essentials. What are your top 10 travel tips? We have just mentioned a few. We hope all this is helpful. Alternatively, you can download a traveling guide app, which lets you know what to carry, weather conditions, and directions.

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