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Do you want to make your resume punchy and original enough to convince your recruiter?

The trick is to work well on your cover letter. As it is located on the first line of your resume, it is almost where the recruiter's eyes rest when they read it. The tagline includes your personal information, your contact information, and your motivations or plans for the future. Here are 4 types of hooks that you can use very well to make your resume successful.

What is a catchphrase and why do it?

Before we give you the 4 examples of catchphrases to adopt, let's first define what a resume catchphrase is. Don't forget to work on your hook to have a perfect CV. It is an essential element of your application. The resume hook is like the cover of a book. This section is supposed to provide detailed information about you and your career plans. It should say enough about you to make your recruiter want to hire you and not someone else. In short, it is your professional profile.

In order for a teaser to be as it should be, you must include all the necessary information for this section. After your personal details, either you mention your skills and experience, your motivations, your professional qualities, your values, or your project. This will allow recruiters to measure whether your conditions and values match the companies.

The catchphrase is also used to argue in case of professional reconversion or for the constitution of an application file for the search of your first job. On that note, if you are still a beginner, you can also follow the guide to writing a resume online which will show you how to make your resume catchphrase successful.

The subtitle tagline

The sub-heading is probably the most used headline in a resume. But you should remember that even though it is the most popular, it is not recommended for an original resume. It is located just below the title of your resume

The biggest advantage of this tagline is that it is brief but precise. It is meant to directly complement the title of your resume. If you choose this type of tagline, try to focus on a particular aspect of your professional profile, such as your expertise, for example, so as not to make your CV too standard.

You can also mention your technical skills, such as your mastery of several foreign languages or your computer skills, and your human qualities in the subheading, such as your ability to listen, your organizational skills, your dynamism, your seriousness, etc.

In short, presented in a sentence, the subtitle has the advantage of being sober but impactful. If your recruiter reads your qualities well, he or she may have a good idea of your career path and professional development.

The keyword-based tagline

In the second place, there is the catchphrase based on keywords. Often in the form of a box below the title of the CV, this type of CV teaser is also of interest to recruiters. Contrary to the first type of tagline, this one is not presented in a sentence but rather as a succession of keywords about the position sought and the candidate. These keywords are taken from the advertisement and have been carefully chosen and transformed to suit what the recruiters are looking for.

This form of CV catchphrase has the advantage of being non-evasive because it does not list too many things. It lists only 5 or 6 of your most important qualities so as not to scare the reader away, as you would expect. You can even use bulleted lists to space out this section.

Since this form of a tagline is a little more sophisticated, it must be well-written. You need to have a good sense of synthesis and discernment to choose the most appropriate terms for this heading. If you succeed in doing this, you can be sure that you will impress your recruiter. He will think even more about your qualities and take care of your application if it is in perfect adequacy with the profile he is looking for.

This catchphrase demonstrates your level of reflection in relation to your profile and skills. Thus, it highlights your skills and knowledge, making your application more attractive than it is.

The catchphrase that sums up the career

With this third tagline, you will be able to summarize your professional profile and experience. The form of this teaser is paragraph-like. It summarizes the main points of your CV and is adapted to justify a surprising or unexpected change of career. This way, your employer already knows your profile and your future plans from the beginning of your resume.

This catchphrase is for people who want to express themselves in writing or apply for a job in an environment where they have a sense of formula. And it is a good alternative to the cover letter. Sometimes recruiters don't have time to read cover letters.

The mixed hook catchphrase

This last version of the CV catchphrase is a form of hook that combines the 3 previous hooks. We advise you to use this type of CV catchphrase for candidates who know how to organize themselves without any problem or who wish to highlight different aspects of their career without establishing a preference.

The advantage of this type of tagline is that it is fairly light and therefore makes it easier to read and understand your CV. However, in order to write it successfully, you must be very careful and not get lost in the details. Avoid repeating the rest of your CV and mentioning banalities.

Since the purpose of a catchphrase on a resume is to catch the eye and attention of recruiters and convince them that your application is the right one to take among all the others.

With this type of CV teaser, everyone knows what they are looking for. Your profile, as a candidate, is well described and inserted in your CV and the recruiter's attention is fixed on your qualities. In short, this type of tagline can encourage you to make your CV more relevant and original and the recruiter to continue reading your CV.

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