How To Do a Reverse Phone Number Search For Free

Reverse Phone Number Search
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Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a missed call from someone and having no clue who was trying to reach out. It could be a vital business lead, a telemarketer, or a long-lost friend…you won’t know unless you call back (and potentially get roped into a long conversation about time-share) or perform a reverse phone lookup.

A reverse phone number search can reveal more than you might think. If you purchase a full reverse number lookup report, you can discover details including the owner’s name and address, previous known addresses, their phone type, their phone line carrier’s name, location, and even the phone line connection status.

What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone search is a means to find phone number information like the identity of a caller or their address. You can authenticate the identity of a person who’s phoned you to determine if they represent the company they claim to, dodge telemarketers, phishers, and other undesirable individuals that you don’t feel like speaking to on the phone.

A free phone number search usually reveals the tiniest information, e.g., the zip code, city, time zone, and line type of the caller. If you still need more information, you can purchase a more in-depth report. Phone numbers are usually located in a number of interconnected databases. You can find out a lot more about the person that has called you - including an email address, current address, relatives, social media profile, and more.

How Do You Conduct a Reverse Phone Lookup?

You can conduct a simple phone lookup by visiting Simply input the phone number and click the blue search button (magnifying glass). Within a few seconds, you’ll see a brief but detailed report about the number who called you. If this doesn’t satisfy your requirements, simply click on the phone owner-report button to generate a more detailed report for a small fee. This can help you find more information about the person who called and put your mind at ease. The data is kept confidential, so the person you have looked up won’t be notified.

Why Conduct a Reverse Phone Lookup?

We all receive thousands of calls each year - and not all of them are wanted or valuable. Sometimes you encounter a nefarious or annoying person that you need to avoid. Business owners want to ensure that they never miss an important call from a client or associate.
Here’s why you might want to conduct a reverse phone number lookup:

1- Identify the source of a text message

A text comes in: “Can we meet at 5 pm on the 5th?” Luckily the fifth at five is wide open, but you have no idea who sent the text. Reverse phone lookup can put your mind at ease and help you avoid the embarrassment of asking someone who they are when they clearly know you.

2- Identify and avoid scammers.

You receive a call from someone stating that they are a lawyer trying to settle an estate or a private banker letting you know you have unclaimed funds from an old account that you can access. Are they who they say they are? Or are they trying to take you for a ride? Looking up the phone number will reveal the truth and can save you a lot of headaches (and possible financial losses) down the line.

3- Confirm the identity of clients/buyers

If you run your own business, or even if you are selling a high-value item on Craigslist, you may deal with callers that want to spend a considerable amount of money with you…but can they be trusted? You can use the phone number lookup to verify names and addresses and find out whether or not someone is trying to fleece you in a business deal.

4- Protect yourself

If you’re being subjected to constant prank calls, you can use the reverse lookup to catch the prankster at their own game. Reverse lookup can quickly identify the source of unwanted attention and stop them in their tracks.


There are numerous reasons you might want to conduct a reverse phone lookup search, but whatever your reason, you can rest assured that you can find the person behind the numbers quickly, safely, and anonymously.

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