How to Gain Following on Instagram?

How to Gain Following on Instagram
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8 Interesting Ideas to gain following on Instagram

There are many ways to gain Instagram followers. Out of the thousands of methods available, there are a few which give you instant results. We have tried to find the best methods to gain active Instagram followers. You can just gain Instagram followers to save yourself the hassle but have some alternatives as well.

Create sharable content

Creating sharable content is of the simplest ways to gain active Instagram followers. You need to optimize your content to get people to share your content. The more shares you get the better the chances of getting new followers. Moreover, you have to give people a reason to share it.

You should try to post informative content as it is shared multiple times. Further, understanding your audience will help you to make sharable content that they like. Moreover, your content has to be original. Original content gives you a much better chance at more shares and thus more followers.

Use reels

Instagram reels are currently one of the most used features on Instagram. Millions of people watch Instagram reels every day. Making reels is one of the top ways to attract more people to follow your account. Instagram reels allow you to be creative and take your content to the next level.

Further, you can jump on the latest trends to get more traction in your quest to gain followers. Moreover, you can try to create your brand of content. People love seeing originality on the platform and it gets you more followers. Make reels that encourage your audience to share them.

Work with influencers

Collaborations are one of the best tools to gain followers. When creators collaborate, they get to reach much more people. Having access to more people leads to more followers.

You should find a follower in your niche to collaborate with. Moreover, there are certain criteria that an influencer should meet to be a good person to partner with. The ideal influencer should have a high rate of engagement with their audience. Further many influencers have fake followers so it is important to do your research beforehand. When you manage to secure a good collaboration, you will experience an increase in the flow of followers to your account.

Buy Instagram followers

You should look to buy Instagram followers as it is the simplest method available. There are many trustworthy companies you can rely on for these services. You can buy Instagram followers from some of the companies for quite cheap. These are active Instagram followers who will help boost your account. Moreover, these companies comply with all of the rules of Instagram.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about falling into trouble with Instagram. You can buy targeted followers in addition to normal ones. This helps you to get an audience that loves the type of content you post. Influencers across the world love this trick and you should try it as well.

Use hashtags

Hashtags help you reach a much larger audience. Hashtags help people find the type of content they like. Using proper hashtags will help new people to discover your content.

You should be averaging around 10-12 hashtags per post. If you haven't been using hashtags you have been missing out. These hashtags will help your content reach people who are interested in the genre of your content. In other words, you will see a better conversion of viewers into active Instagram followers. You can even create a branded hashtag and encourage your followers to use it. This will get more followers to your account.

Try Instagram live

Instagram Live is one of the best tools to connect with your active Instagram followers. Joining a live session allows you to directly communicate with your followers.

Having these direct contacts with your fans will create a bond that will make them stick around. You can also use the live session to host a q/a session and just interact with your fans in general. Regular interactions with your audience will help you have a larger audience.

Remain consistent

Consistency is the key to succeeding on Instagram. You need to be posting good content regularly. Many creators make good content but they lack consistency. This makes them lose tons of followers. You have to create value with your content. Further, creators who post content regularly are loved by the audience. Try to create a posting schedule and be consistent with it.

Hold contests

Holding contests will help you to motivate users to follow your account. You should make following your account a prerequisite for participating in the contest. Users who are motivated by the opportunity of winning a contest are much more likely to follow your account. However, this method only gets you followers for a short time as people might unfollow you. Therefore, you have to create good content so that the followers might have come because of the contest but they stay for the content.


These techniques will help you to gain followers quite quickly. There are many techniques for you to choose from. Out of all of these methods, you should look to buy Instagram followers. Moreover, this is by far the simplest method to gain active Instagram followers and you should try it.

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