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Merchandise USA
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Liquidation is an everyday thing in the modern world. Businesses are increasing in numbers day by day and a lot of them fall out of the race simultaneously as well. When a company goes out of business, for whatever reason, it might need to repay its debts or just get rid of the goods they are left with.

This is why wholesale liquidation companies are a thing. These companies buy out surplus inventories and closeouts for resale and other purposes.

Merchandise USA is one of the most prominent liquidation stores in Arkansas. The company has been around since 1985 and is close to completing over 38 years in the business. The longevity alone is enough to solidify Merchandise USA’s spot among the most elite wholesale liquidation companies.

History of Merchandise USA

Before getting into details of what Merchandise USA offers, let us take a look at its roots. Merchandise USA began with Jay Lazar, also the president at present, in the year 1985. The first ever closeout purchase Jay made was off a wholesale dancewear distributor who were going out of business.

Neither Lazar nor the company has looked back since then. Today Merchandise USA works with clients all over the USA and occupies more than 100k square feet across the country.

Selling at Merchandise USA

The good people at Merchandise USA specialize in buying overstock, closeouts, and surplus inventory. If you are on your way to liquidation, you’d want to make some cash out of your remaining assets and goods. After all, it’s way better than losing every bit of your investment.

To be clear, it’s almost impossible to recover the entire amount you have put into them. But with a reputed and trustworthy company, you can at least recover some of the losses and get some valuable cash.

Buying at Merchandise USA

Merchandise USA is not only here for sellers but buyers as well. The whole purpose of buying out liquidated assets and goods is to resell them. If you are looking for stuff to buy wholesale and at discounted prices, this is where it’s at. The reliability of the company’s name and its clean record vouches for them.

You get your money’s worth and sometimes even more than your investment. You can go to their shopping page to check what they have got in store. Their catalog of goods includes hardware, toys, backpacks, books, houseware, and much more. You cant’t buy an individual item as they are wholesale sellers.

A minimum shopping of $1500 is a must before you can check out and place the order. From liquidation pallets to wholesale orders of the same kind of products, they’ve got it covered.

Who can deal with Merchandise USA?

Merchandise USA deals with wholesale clients of larger scales. Their vendors involve big warehouses, factories, importers, big companies etc.

They are also open to business with Amazon sellers and warehouses. The category of goods doesn’t make a difference to them either. From toys to books to hardware, Merchandise USA will buy anything and everything.

Reasons to go with Merchandise USA

Reputation and Credibility

The reputation that Merchandise USA has acclaimed over decades is one of its best qualities. You can’t just trust anyone with your assets. A well-known name with good testimonials is the absolute basics of liquidation.

Easy and Hassle-Free operation

The company has been doing it for nearly 38 years. They know their thing and have mastered the art of ensuring a smooth and obstacle-free procedure. You can contact Merchandise USA through their website, phone, email, or even fax.

Fair price and Transparency

Merchandise USA is completely transparent with everything throughout the entire procedure. They keep enough cash on hand at any given time and are clear about how much they can pay beforehand as well.

According to the company, they offer somewhere around 70% of the original price and nothing more than that.

Timely payments

With Merchandise USA, you won’t have to sit for months under stress, waiting for your money. The company guarantees payment within 10 days of your inventory reaching storage.

No shipping charges

Wherever you are, you won’t have to pay anything for the shipping. Merchandise USA has freighted and trucks running everywhere. Unless an exception occurs, you will not be charged anything for the shipment.


Merchandise USA has been buying closeouts and wholesale assets for almost 4 decades now which is as impressive as it sounds. Certainly one of the pioneers of the business, Merchandise USA has evolved with time as well. Hence, there is no surprise their business is still going strong.

With clients all over the country, they have earned themselves an everlasting reputation. Whether you want to sell your own or buy liquidation pallets in Arkansas or anywhere else, Merchandise USA is a name you can trust.

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