Choosing Upholstery Fabric For Your Caravan

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4 Factors To Consider

Choosing the right caravan upholstery fabric has more uses than just uplifting your motorhome's aesthetic appeal. Your caravan is an extension of your home that must reflect your taste and style. However, there are factors that you must consider before purchasing caravan fabric.

From heat insulation, maintenance, and colour choices to light control - all these factors play a major role in deciding which textiles are best suited for your motorhome. Caravan textiles must be the right combination of functionality and comfort to make your road trips memorable.

In this blog, we delve deep and discuss the factors you must consider when choosing caravan fabric.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Upholstery Fabric for Your Caravan

The seven tips listed below will help you make the right choice of caravan fabrics:

The Durability of the Fabric:

The first factor to consider is the durability of the upholstery fabric. Out of the materials shortlisted, enquire which ones are suited for heavy, light, or medium use. This is important if you have pets or kids in the caravan.

Heavy-use fabrics last longer and are durable in nature. If you have kids, it is best to go for heavy-duty textiles. Taking this factor into account will help you cross out the options that might be visually pleasing but would wear out easily.

If you are looking for durable caravan fabrics, try to go for engineered fabrics rather than natural alternatives, as the former is stronger and long-lasting. If you are travelling with kids, try to go for viscose, PVC, leather, and microfiber fabrics which are durable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Pick the Right Colour

The right colour for caravan upholstery fabric is a completely subjective choice that depends on personal preference, among several other factors. So, there is no clear right and wrong in this. However, some colours or colour combinations can help increase the value of your motorhome and make it look visually pleasing and comfy.

Colours have an intense effect on our psyche and mood. So ensure that you choose something you can live with for a long time. Some popular colour schemes for caravan fabric include white, greys, soft blues, and other pastel shades that are calm and soft.

You can also go for warm earthy hues like cream, brown, beige, and muted yellow that pair extremely well with wooden timber flooring. Choosing darker colours is also an added advantage if you travel with kids and pets. Spills and stains are not easily visible in these colours and can be easily cleaned when you get time.

What About Maintenance?

Let's say you have found the perfect caravan textile you have been searching for for a long time. Even then, it is vital to consider how much care the textile needs to stay in optimum condition. So, before you go ahead and purchase the fabric, ask the salesperson to give you a sample piece of the textile to test out its tenacity and durability.

Stretch out the fabric, compress it as much as possible, and clean it using soap and water to see what changes come in the textile. When you are travelling on the road, you will not have all the amenities required to care for a high-maintenance upholstery textile. Apart from that, external factors like weather, temperature and exposure to direct sunlight must also be taken into consideration.

So, it is best to go for stain-resistant fabrics exclusively made for outdoor so that you do not need to go overboard with maintenance.

Cost Of The Fabric

Price or cost is a major factor influencing all purchase decisions, and caravan fabrics are no exception. As with all decor projects, caravan design also requires monetary planning to decide how much to spend on different areas.

So if you are working within a limited budget, try looking for aesthetically pleasing textiles that fall under your set price point. Your budget must consider two factors when it comes to upholstery fabrics:

  • Cost of the material
  • How many linear meters do you need

If you require a small amount of fabric, you can choose premium, expensive fabrics and still stay within budget. However, if you have a huge requirement, it is best to look for affordable options.

In Conclusion

When choosing the right caravan fabric, the options present in the market and the design possibilities are endless. A world of patterns, colours, and textiles is waiting for you to be chosen. All you have to do is consider these simple factors to enhance the look and feel of your caravan.

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