What is extended car warranty, and do you need it?

extended car warranty
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When you are buying a car, you will likely have been offered or qualified for a car warranty. This is a protection for your car should something go wrong. This can add more stress to your life when you are just trying to purchase a vehicle to get you to and from work. When you are buying a car there is a lot to consider never mind just the warranty. If you need some advice on what you need to know about warranties, then look no further.

What is it?

A reputable extended car warranty will cover you if you find a fault in your car that may need expensive repairs. Your warranty will cover most if not all repairs that you may need. However, they do not come for free and as such you will need to weigh up your options before committing to a warranty. They may be more useful if you are buying a used car rather than a new one. A new car will likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty which can cover you up to three years.

Is it worth it?

When you are making up your decision there are numerous different things you should factor in. The age of your car, how reliable it is, and how much money you have available if there was an emergency to fix it. You should consider buying a warranty if your manufacturer's one is coming to an end, and you won’t have a cover. You should also think about one if you don’t have an emergency fund available to cover unexpected repairs. Also, if you are worried about it then it may be good for your peace of mind to have a warranty to help you relax.

However, not everyone wants or needs one. You may want to avoid purchasing one if you have time left on your manufacturer’s warranty or you are comfortably able to afford repairs. You should also question whether you have a reliable model of car that doesn’t get many problems. You should also consider the cost, if you have a car that has high mileage or is very old then the cost of your plan may not be worth it. It is also worth noting that warranties will only cover cars of a certain age.

Is it different from the breakdown cover?

Some people have a breakdown cover instead of a warranty. Whilst they do overlap slightly, they are not the same kind of cover. Breakdown cover tends to only assist you with the cost of emergency assistance and recovery when you break down. It does not cover any labor or parts that are needed to fully fix your problem. A warranty does do this and so you should consider which is the best option for you.

Car Warranties

It is another consideration you need to make when buying a car. However, it does not need to be complicated. Newer cars tend to be covered by the manufacturer whilst a warranty may be useful if you are buying a used car.

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