Why Are 3 Wheels Better Than 2?

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Are you interested in learning to ride a bike but afraid of falling? Do you know how to ride a bike but have health or physical conditions that prevent you from doing so? Tricycles for adults offer the same benefits that you would get from riding a bike as well as some other advantages that bicycles cannot provide.

Maintain Your Balance With a Trike

Unless it has very thick wheels, a bicycle typically cannot stand unaided. A rider can maintain balance upon gaining enough speed, but as the bike slows down or stops, the rider will be unable to maintain balance and has to extend his or her feet to the ground. Riding a bicycle may be a problem for you if you have a medical condition that affects your balance. Even if you do not, you may lose your balance and fall upon slowing or stopping. There is always a chance of injury from falling off a bike, and if you are elderly, the complications from falling may be severe.

If you wish to avoid a fall, a 3 wheel bike for adults for sale may be a smarter purchase than a two-wheeled bike because three wheels provide extra stability. A tricycle can stand on its own without a rider or a kickstand. You can sit on a stationary tricycle and not have to put your feet on the ground. It is very difficult to lose your balance on a trike.

There is some truth to the old saying that once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. However, if you switch to a tricycle after learning to ride a bike, you have to modify your technique. Therefore, if you don't already know how to ride a bike, it may make sense for you to skip it and start learning to ride an adult tricycle instead.

More Storage With That Big Basket

Maybe you already know how to ride a bike, and you have thought about substituting it for your car as your primary means of transportation around town. However, there is little storage space available on a bike to carry home groceries. You may only be able to carry home a few items at a time, meaning that you may have to make many trips to the store to restock your supplies, which isn't very efficient.

The space between the two rear wheels of a tricycle is the perfect place for a storage basket that allows you to load up your groceries and bring them home without having to worry about maintaining balance or taking your hands off the wheel.

A trike e-bike is even better for this because it has a motor that helps you pedal when you are carrying extra weight. You may have to buy the storage basket separately, and it is not as spacious as the trunk of your car so you may still have to make more than one trip, but you can carry a lot more home from the store more efficiently than you would be able to do with a bicycle.

Adult tricycles are less common than bikes, but you can find a good selection from online retailers.

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