Why Use Environmentally Friendly Materials In Large Format Printing?

Environmentally Friendly Materials
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Sustainability is at the top of the global agenda for a good reason, and businesses have started to step up to play their part in decreasing emissions and deforestation to slow down the effects of climate change. Making environmentally conscious business decisions in today’s world helps us leave the world better for generations to come.

If your business relies on large format printing for commercial and marketing purposes – perhaps for running exhibitions or creating retail displays that require printed materials – it may prove difficult to ensure that projects have the sustainability tick of approval. Have no fear, eco-friendly printing materials and equipment are on the rise!

In this blog, we will explore the rise of sustainable printing, why it’s important the benefits, and the eco-friendly alternative materials you have available to use.

The rise of sustainable printing

Every industry including the printing sector has been under pressure to decrease its impact on the environment as the realities of climate change grow more serious. Because of this, sustainable printing (aka eco-friendly printing or green printing) has been gaining momentum in recent years. It addresses the negative impact on the environment by using renewable energy and resources to create printed goods, which reduces its carbon footprint.

To be more sustainable and avoid contributing to deforestation, printing companies may use recycled materials, such as paper, ink, and metal plates. They may also use machines that require a smaller amount of electricity to operate, as this makes them more efficient. All of this can be done without compromising the quality of the finished product.

The benefits of eco-friendly printing

Implementing sustainable printing practices doesn’t just have environmental benefits. It also has reputational and monetary benefits.

A study by Nielsen found that consumers prefer sustainable options, and suggests that being environmentally conscious can greatly improve a business’s bottom line. Below are two key findings from the report:

Sustainability sells:

According to the report, over half of the consumers surveyed are willing to pay more for products from companies that are environmentally conscious. This proves that consumers today feel that they have a responsibility to make environmentally-conscious decisions, and are actively seeking out brands that align with their beliefs.

Customers want to support good causes:

Almost 9 out of 10 (87%) consumers said they would switch brands for a similar product if that brand supports a good cause. This suggests that if two products are side by side on a supermarket shelf, and one proves to be more sustainable than the other, most consumers will opt for the more sustainable option (even if they have to pay more for it).

We can apply this sentiment to commercial printing. More and more businesses are choosing to opt for sustainable options because it improves their reputation, which in turn improves their sales. Partnering with an eco-friendly printing company is not only ethical, but it’s also a smart business decision.

The benefits of using ReBoard for displays

ReBoard for displays

ReBoard has gained immense popularity across industries, particularly as an alternative for MDF. As an eco-friendly option, it’s a strong, ultra-versatile, and lightweight material. Thus it can withstand pressure and weight and can be used to the extent of your imagination.

ReBoard displays have taken the industry by storm across various mediums where large format printing is required including;

  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Store window displays
  • Events (e.g. a photo wall)
  • Pop-up activations
  • Art installations

With ReBoard the options are endless. It can be:

  • the main material used in a complex exhibition
  • printed on or used in a visual and immersive display with just light and shapes.

Marketing and event coordinators or visual merchandisers will find ReBoard to be a reliable option when organizing events, pop-up activations, and retail displays. They can rest assured that they are not contributing to environmental harm as ReBoard has a minimal carbon footprint, but will still deliver on quality and performance. The best part, for an extra wow factor - the ReBoard display can also be used with other materials such as paper, fabrics, foam, DIPSA, etc. for creating a magical experience for the customers.

Final Words

Being environmentally conscious pays off in today's day and age due to the changing demands of the modern consumer. Not only will partnering with an environmentally conscious company be the right ethical choice, but it also boosts brand awareness and reputation and brings in more sales that you can attribute ROI to.

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