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New Year 2020

What I have Learned in 2019

Where all are talking about #2020, I would like to talk about what I have done in 2019. I can’t wait until I become King, Say Goodbye to Bullshit and Shallow things. (King Charisma) What I have learned in 2019 is, “Do your part best

2020 Goals

17 Goals to Transform Our World

#2020 is the top trend nowadays on social media and it covers the major of the total population. People are sharing their ideas and motives. They flare up what they have inside their hearts and brains. They have many problems to tackle, many ideas to


Can We Cure Cancer with CRISPR?

The Human genome complete set of genetic information present in our cells consists of approximately 3 billion base pairs split among 23 pairs of chromosomes present in every cell of the body that encodes about 19000-20000 different kinds of proteins coding genes in a haploid

Home Gym

How To Build A Home Gym

In the suburbs and cities, you can find a large number of various gym and fitness centers nowadays. But what will you do if you live in the far-flung areas which are miles away from the gym? How do you exercise in cold mornings and

Digestive Health

Tips To Take Care Of Your Digestive Health

According to Ayurveda, our health and wellbeing depend on our ability to ingest everything that we absorb from the environment. However, this does not solely apply to food items and drinkables. It includes all our emotions, experiences, and impressions that we absorb through the various

Daily Supplements

Top 5 Supplements Everyone Should Take

A study published in the December 2004 issue of the Journal of American College of Nutrition reveals vegetables and fruits are showing reliable declines in their nutrients over the past half-century. In particular, the 43 vegetables studied had declines in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin,

TV and Movie Watching

Offline TV & Movie Watching

Your Ultimate Guide to Offline TV and Movie Watching The age of streaming is upon us, shifting the way we consume content. As the war heats up between the major players in the sector, TV and movie lovers we can rejoice. They are pampered with

Stages of Death

The Final Stages of Death

Around 105 people, all around the world, passed away in a single minute. And while the loss of a loved one can feel heart-wrenchingly tragic, it is simply an inevitable fact of life that we are all forced to accept. While this isn’t always easy

Healthy Living Lifestyle

Healthy Living Lifestyle

Perfecting the Art of Healthy Living Healthy living is pretty important for folks. Practicing it could help prolong life and make you feel better overall. Still, one obstacle you have to overcome is how vast the lifestyle can be, unless you know how to focus