30 Positive Attitudes of Richest People

Best Tips to Become Rich?

There are 30 best positive tips to do if really wanted to become a rich person. These are adopted by the world’s richest people. Including:

1. Honesty

Being Honest with All People

2. Discipline

Being Well Disciplined

3. Team Building

Getting along with People

4. Marriage

Having a supportive Spouse

5. Hard Work

Working harder than most people

6. Passion

Loving Your Career Business

7. Competitive

Having a very competitive spirit personalities

8. Leader

Having strong leadership qualities

9. Planning

Being very well organized

10. Marketing

Having an ability to sell your ideas / Products

11. Wise

Make Wise Investments (Time, resource, energy, money)

12. Opportunist

Seeing opportunities, others do not see

13. Independent

Being Your Own Boss

14. Risk Taking

Willing to take financial Risk given the right return

15. Follower

Having Good Mentors

16. Respectful

Having an urge to be well respected

17. Ownership

Investing in your own business

18. Greed

Finding a profitable niche

19. Energy

Having extraordinary energy

20. Health

Being Physically Fit

21. Intellect

Having a high IQ/Superior

22. Perfectionist

Specializing in his skill

23. Learning

Attending a top-rated College

24. Patience

Ignoring the criticism of detractors

25. Down to Earth

Living Below your means

26. Believe

Having strong religious faith

27. Luck

Being Lucky

28. Investor

Investing in the equities of the public corporation

29. Advisor

Having an excellent investment advisor

30. Being First

Graduating near the top of your class

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