30 Positive Attitudes of Richest People

  1. Honesty: Being Honest with All People
  2. Discipline: Being Well Disciplined
  3. Team Building: Getting along with People
  4. Marriage: Having a supportive Spouse
  5. Hard Work: Working harder than most people
  6. Passion: Loving Your Career Business
  7. Competitive: Having a very competitive spirit personalities
  8. Leader: Having strong leadership qualities
  9. Planning: Being very well organized
  10. Marketing: Having an ability to sell your ideas / Products
  11. Wise: Make Wise Investments (Time, resource, energy, money)
  12. Opportunist: Seeing opportunities, others do not see
  13. Independent: Being Your Own Boss
  14. Risk Taking: Willing to take financial Risk given the right return
  15. Follower: Having Good Mentors
  16. Respectful: Having an urge to be well respected
  17. Ownership: Investing in your own business
  18. Greed: Finding a profitable niche
  19. Energy: Having extraordinary energy
  20. Health: Being Physically Fit
  21. Intellect: Having a high IQ/Superior
  22. Perfectionist: Specializing in his skill
  23. Learning: Attending a top-rated College
  24. Patience: Ignoring the criticism of detractors
  25. Down to Earth: Living Below your means
  26. Believe: Having strong religious faith
  27. Luck: Being Lucky
  28. Investor: Investing in the equities of the public corporation
  29. Advisor: Having an excellent investment advisor
  30. Being First: Graduating near the top of your class
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