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Sport is an active genre that delivers sweat and emotion at the same time. Being a sports lover, you can imagine how addictive and hearth rendering it is to engage with sports.

For a sports lover, it is their day and night. A sports lover loves to play on the field and also loves to cherish it outside the ground.

Movies are a source of entertainment like sports. In this article, we would like to combine these entertaining things into one cup. As a sports lover, you will find it exciting to know about the greatest movies made about sports.

5 Best Movies To Watch As A Sports Lover

Here you will find your cup of tea. Movies as a source of entertainment can lead you to relive the best sports-related lives and characters.

You will probably find the same kind of intensity and emotion in these movies. If you are addicted to sports, try and download these below-mentioned movies for free from The Pirate Bay.

1. The Karate Kid (Director- Harald Zwart)

This is an inspirational story of a schoolboy who moved cross-country with his mother to Los angles. He was tattered and bullied by others and especially a rebellious kung fu prodigy, Cheng.

In addition, he became the target and victim of bullying for his affection for a popular girl in the school. This is a story of a little boy who wins the heart of all by winning kung fu sports. It was possible for him to do this because of his trainer and neighbor, Mr. Han.

2. Ford v Ferrari (Director- James Mangold)

Thinking about recent sports movies to watch? Put a glance at this movie. The acting of Christian Bale will take you deep into this sports drama.

This movie was created on real rivalries of famous car companies - Ford and Ferrari. One automotive designer (Matt Demon) and a race car driver (Christian Bale) will let you realize the politics behind company success and the passion of a sports car driver.

The emotions of a player, conspiracy of price and pride, and importance of class over a player’s passion were all included in the movie.

3. Rocky (Director- John G. Avildsen)

This movie is about a working-class boxer who took his boxing to a new level. Accidentally, the short-time boxer was chosen to fight with Apollo Creed, the world heavyweight champion.

This movie is a mixture of emotion and fighting, which lead you to understand the depth of boxing. This movie also shares a beautiful relationship between the boxer with the wallflower sister, Adrian.

4. Moneyball (Director- Bennett Miller)

Based on the book by Michael Lewis by the same name, this movie has delivered a potential of a baseball general manager (Brad Pitt). He had a tough job to do by creating a baseball team that could compete with richer clubs.

With a very tight budget, it was a challenge for him to reinvent a baseball team. This movie will show the low-level players' potential and passion for gaining the courage to compete with high-level players.

5. Miracle (Director- Gavin O'Connor)

The Miracle is a sports-related (Hockey) movie 2004 film directed by Mark Isham. It was created based on the true story of Herb Brooks, who was a player turned coach of the U.S.A hockey team.

This movie turns the page of sports to show us the importance of unity within a team. Herb Brook (Kurt Russell) coached his team in a unique way to bring his hot-headed player back on an ice track.

He trained his immature team at that time to bring a miracle and win the world cup against the invincible Russian hockey team. The word ‘Miracle’ indicates the passion for sports. With intense passion and determination, miracles can happen on the sports field.

To Conclude

Being a sports lover, anyone will love to watch movies on sports. But there are areas around sports that can be understood through the above-mentioned movies.

Watch all of these movies to compare this article, and you will be out of words to express your emotions after watching each movie.

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