17 Goals to Transform Our World

2020 Goals
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#2020 is the top trend nowadays on social media and it covers the major of the total population. People are sharing their ideas and motives. They flare up what they have inside their hearts and brains. They have many problems to tackle, many ideas to share, many paths to go beyond their issue but they do not have a platform. The society can generate platforms for their companions which are living their lives below the bottom line and that means the world needs to work on their behavioral prospectives. The world needs a revolution in the behaviors of people for transformation to tackle the problems of global livings.

2020 Goals to Transform Our World

Here are 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world.

  1. No Poverty
  2. Zero Hunger
  3. Good Health and Well Being
  4. Quality Education
  5. Gender Equality
  6. Clean Water and Sanitation
  7. Affordable and Clean Energy
  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  10. Reduced Inequalities
  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  13. Climate Action
  14. Life Below Water
  15. Life on Land
  16. Peace Justice and Strong Institutions
  17. Partnerships for the Goals

1-No Poverty

Poverty is a state in which an individual has a much lack of financial resources. Men of the recent ages couldn’t even fulfill his basic needs and living his life below the bottom line. The world could go forward by reducing the poverty ratio. The countries like Congo, Mozambique, and Uganda having plenty of natural resources but are top 3 in the list of poor countries of the world. To minimize the poverty ratio we would have to broad and strengthens our dreams.  We have to follow our Marvels to combat with bone-breaking poverty. This thing should prosper in our minds and souls until it will lead us to make resource generators.  

2-Zero Hunger

Zero hunger should be soul pain to every individual on the globe. There should be also a headache for International Institutions of human rights to conducting seminars at world forums and associations.  These powered institutions should establish laws to lift these assaulted areas to reduce hunger by implementing them.  The WFP states that almost 850 million people of Africa, Asia, Latin America and near east are those have lack of food.  There should be strong measures to boost up the institutions to make 'Hunger-Free Community".

3-Good Health and Well Being

Good health is a basic factor to boost up a community to work harder and stick to their aim. That is a well-known quote "A healthy body has a healthy mind". A fresh and healthy community quickly reaches its level. 2020 should have smart consequences and an eco-friendly environment to achieve health and well-being goals. For healthy living society, global-wide, equality-based and gender-sensitive footsteps should be taken. By controlling the viral diseases, causing deaths and serious medical circumstance the life expectancy ration can be maximized.

4-Quality Education

Quality education is a key goal which is a critical issue on the land for the current and next generations. Education with quality aspects can enhance us in every capable field of the world. To put the quality features in any community's education is to equalize their education standards and parameter. The right to education does not mean that just receive an education but with quality standards and approaches. Most of the areas in the world in every age remained in emergency and war effected. These areas have a large number of students out of school ratio.

5-Gender Equality

Every religion in the world preaches the equality of human beings. We sub standardized our society to create inequalities based on gender, caste, and color. Both genders should have the same rights to live up and shapeup their daydreams. There should be the end of all discrimination against women and girls. Societies should play a role for women to take part in every field of life. The barriers of sexual violence, exploitation in public offices which women face should be discouraged. It is imperative to give equal rights to women in property, land, reproductive health, technology, and the internet.

6-Clean Water and Sanitation

Water is the basic ingredient to life on earth and that does not mean that we could exclude the quality factor. The next combat will be fought to win the clean water wells and resources. The gain and use of water are so important for the world community for long term existence on the land. There should be rules and laws for water consumption in public or private sectors. Best ways for home water utilization should be morally inherited in the communities. To avoid water surge conferences and dialogues should be conducted globally. Sanitation systems should improve to get rid of deadly diseases. The best sanitation techniques and infrastructure should be provided in the waste management departments.

7-Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy production and utilization are necessarily required to boost up a society in every field of life. Cheap and eco-friendly energy can drive society towards a successful and healthy future. Many of the land areas are drowned in the shadow of darkness due to less electricity production. Lack of required energy resources causes work inefficiencies in health, education and every field of life. Enlarging infrastructure and productivity leads us to a healthy and work-friendly community. By investing in solar, wind, and thermal energy we can cut the energy gaps affecting the productivity of a community.

8-Decent Work and Economic Growth

Decent work could be propagated in the markets if the business and production environment should be provided. Ease of doing business is the key point to boost up economic state and to compete in the world. There should be laws and rules benefiting the customer and industrialists. By introducing professionalism in industries and corporations decent work can be acquired. Technology innovation can reduce the hardness and difficulties of the work.  Innovations can lead us towards decent opportunities creation.

9-Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure are correlated with each other to sustain their existence. Innovation plays a big role in the establishment and maintenance of a beneficial infrastructure. There should be technology inputs rather than following the old methods and traditional SOP's. To enhance proficiency and consistency in the work mode infrastructure and technological alternatives are required. The production level of any industry based on their work distribution and time consumption. An innovation-based infrastructure can hyp up an industry to the next level.

10-Reduced Inequalities

Many inequalities are rising in societies and income inequality is one of them. Income inequality is critical for a prospered and established community. The small number of masses is getting higher income. In recent decades the middle east is at the top in income inequality. There should be sound steps to reduce income inequality by empowering the lower-income earners. Foreign direct investments, regularization, and monitoring of markets are required to reduce income inequality. Facilitate the mobility of people from one place to another for good business outputs.

11-Sustainable Cities and Communities

Homebuilding authorities should focus on the future consequences of making homes. According to research, By 2050 almost 65% population of the world will be urbanized. The world can assure development with significant steps towards building sustainable urban spaces. The fast growth of cities causing sizing up the population. The enhancing needs required the mega propagation of plans designed for future urbanizing. Making sustainable cities and communities can generate careers in every industry.

12-Responsible Consumption and Production

For economic growth, we have to change the way of production and consumption. The waste management department should manage industry wastes material affecting any creature. Encourage industries to recycle their remainings to save the echo system. To handle the waste material there should be standardized disposal plants and infrastructure.  A large number of masses are just living hand to mouth to sustain their lives. By reducing figures for food wastes we can make relevancy in production and consumption.

13-Climate Action

Climate change is the new war activating catalyst for the world nowadays. To make a safer globe every country should take part in stabilizing climate change. Take strong measures to stabilize climate change. Every country should launch tree-planting drives at national levels. Monitor the overall forest products that can make a difference to save the echo system. Every year in climate disasters the thousands of people lose their lives and un-predictable loss causes a big economic de-stability. It is all possible for climate action with a strong will, investment, and technology.

14-Life Below Water

When an ecosystem disturbs internally or externally it also affects the others. Life below water face too much toxic chemical mixture that hits water livings. Look at our oceans, their temperature, chemistry, currents, and life. They are not counter-balancing our climate stability. According to UNDP's data, Pollution affects  40% of world oceans which destroyed fisheries. It causes loss of coastal habitats and human activities. Billions of people depend upon the coasts and oceans of the world. The world should take strong measures to save life below water.

15-Life on Land

Congestion of diseases affects the masses on the land. It brutally puzzled mankind in their healthcare ma.tters. Plenty of extremely contagious and infectious diseases are in the society that cut the budget of medium class. Above all, it is crucial to combat climate change. 30 percent of trees and plants are covering the earth's surface and providing 80% of the human diet. 15 percent of our land is protected while every country's GDP relies on agriculture. Biodiversity is at the stack and wildlife trafficking is at peak.

16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

By introducing and implementing reforms the law-making institutions, judiciary, and enforcement institutions together must propagate the peace justice wave in society. They can make the institutions powered and more functional. Deep flaws and little justice affects the people in the subcontinent. Stability, peace, human rights with the rule of law leads us to a developed human and society. This aims to stop violence, crime, exploitation, and torture. It can be done by the rule of law and strong institutions. Every country should take measures to get rid of this national disgrace.

17-Partnerships for the Goals

These sustainable development goals (SDGs) can be achieved through global cooperation and partnership. Financial resources and aid is necessary to carry out human development. Reconsideration of stack holders is crucial to increase development assistance. Today, the world is more technical and connected. To share ideas and innovations to the world these networks can be utilized. Therefore Initiate different programs worldwide which could generate e-resources. Surely these goals if achieved can make the world more appealing and comfortable to live.

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