How Can I Help My Child Control Their Cough at School?

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When your kids miss school due to bouts of cold or flu, there’s nothing they look forward to more than returning to class to reconnect with friends and get back into a normal routine. Unfortunately, if they’re still struggling with persistent coughing, it can be difficult for them to feel comfortable participating in learning and play. From encouraging healthy behaviors to choosing the best cough medicines, here are the top ways to help your kids keep their coughs at bay when they go back to school.

Give Them Lots of Liquids

Proper hydration is critical for even the healthiest kids, and that goes double when they’re under the weather or experiencing lingering illness symptoms like a cough that won’t go away. Not only does drinking plenty of fluids help tame the histamines that often trigger coughs, but it also thins mucus to reduce throat inflammation.

While water is the simplest source of hydration, if you’ve got kids who balk at drinking plain liquids then juices and teas are good alternatives. Hot drinks, in particular, help with lowering congestion and soothing airway muscles. Warm cups of tea with honey and lemon make a tasty treat that’s sure to bring relief.

Take Care of Your Home Environment

If lingering coughs are a persistent problem in your family, there may be environmental issues that are keeping everyone hacking. In dry homes, using a misting humidifier adds comforting moisture to the air that eases congestion and coughing. Just be sure to monitor moisture levels to avoid oversaturation.

You’ll also want to rid your home of irritants that are known to trigger respiratory issues. Mold, dust, pollen, and pet dander are common culprits, so keep up with cleaning to limit problems. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to minimize allergens and other surface pollutants.

Best Cough Control Medicine

Sometimes, even kids who are great at practicing healthy cough-reducing habits still have lingering issues, and keeping a clean house may not be enough. In that case, turn to a trusted homeopathic children's cough medicine to lower the frequency and severity of their coughs.

Proven natural remedies should be your choice when offering medications to your children. Going with a trusted and effective homeopathic treatment ensures your kids won’t ingest any harmful chemicals or experience contraindications with any other medicines they’re taking. You also won’t have to worry about troubling side effects, and drowsiness or jumpiness won’t be a problem. The best over-the-counter homeopathic remedies are a safe way to control lingering coughs.

Now that you know the best ways to help your children stay on top of their troubling coughs at school, it’s time to stock up on the supplies you’ll need to get them through cold and flu season. Beyond keeping teas and juices on hand, make sure you’ve got homeopathic medicine for cough and congestion in your cabinet. Visit the site of a trusted natural medicine supplier to place your order today, and you’ll be all set to help your kids bounce back quickly from their next respiratory illness.

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