Adjectives That Start With A

Adjectives That Start With A
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List of Adjectives That Start With A

Here is the list of five hundred (500) adjectives that start with A

Abandoned Abdominal Abhorrent
Abiding Abject Able
Able-bodied Abnormal Abounding
Abrasive Abrupt Absent
Absent-minded Absolute Absorbed
Absorbing Abstracted Absurd
Abundant Abusive Abysmal
Academic Acceptable Accepted
Accepting Acceptive Accessary
Accessible Accessorial Accessory
Accidental Acclaimed Accommodating
Accompanying Accomplished According
Accountable Accoutered Accoutred
Accurate Accursed Accusative
Accused Accusing Acerbic
Achievable Aching Acid
Acidic Acknowledged Acoustic
Acrid Acrimonious Acrobatic
Actionable Active Actual
Acute Acyclic Adactylous
Adagio Adamant Adamantine
Adaptable Adaptative Adapted
Adaptive Adaxial Addicted
Addictive Additional Additive
Adductive Adenoid Adenoidal
Adept Adequate Adherent
Adhesive Adiabatic Adient
Adjacent Adjective Adjoining
Adjunct Adjunctive Adjustable
Adjustive Adjuvant Administrative
Admirable Admired Admiring
Adoptable Adopted Adoptive
Adorable Adored Adoring
Adorned Adpressed Adrenal
Adrenalized Adrenergic Adrenocortical
Adroit Adult Adulterine
Adulterous Adumbrative Adust
Advance Advanced Advancing
Advantageous Advective Adventurous
Adversarial Advisable Advisory
Aerial Aestival Aetiologic
Affable Affected Affectionate
Affective Afferent Affiliated
Affirmative Affordable Afraid
African After Aftermost
Aftershafted Agamic Ageless
Aggravated Aggravating Aggressive
Aging Agitated Agitative
Agleam Aglitter Aglow
Agnate Agnatic Agonizing
Agrarian Agreeable Agreed
Agrestic Agricultural Ahead
Ahistorical Ahorse Ailing
Aimless Ain Airborne
Airheaded Airless Airlike
Airline Airsick Airtight
Airworthy Airy Ajar
Alarmed Alarming Alert
Algebraic Alien Alienable
Alienated Aliform Alight
Aligned Aligning Alike
Alimental Alimentary Alimentative
Aliphatic Aliquot Alive
Alkahestic Alkalescent Alkalic
Alkaline All-around Alleged
Allelic Allelomorphic Allergenic
Allergic Alleviatory Alliaceous
Allied Alligatored Allocable
Allotted All-over Allowable
Alloyed All-purpose All-too-common
Alluring Allusive Alone
Aloof Alpha Alphabetic
Alphabetical Alphabetised Alphabetized
Alterable Alternating Alternative
Amatory Amazed Amazing
Ambient Ambiguous Ambitious
Ambivalent Ambiversive Amblyopic
Ambrosial Ambulant Ambulatory
American Americanized Amiable
Amicable Amniotic Amoeban
Amoebic Amoeboid Amoebous
Amok Amoristic Amorous
Amorphous Amort Amphibian
Ample Amused Amusing
Analgesic Analgetic Analog
Analogous Analogue Analphabetic
Analytic Analytical Analyzable
Ancestral Anchoritic Ancient
Anecdotal Anemic Angelic
Angered Angry Angular
Animal Animalistic Animated
Annoyed Annoying Annual
Anonymous Another Antagonistic
Anticorrosive Anticipated Anticlimactic
Antiquated Antiseptic Antisocial
Antsy Anxious Apathetic
Apologetic Apologizing Appalled
Appalling Apparent Apparitional
Appealing Appeasing Appellant
Appellate Appellative Appetent
Appetizing Appetizing Applauding
Applicable Applicative Applied
Appointed Apposable Apposite
Appreciable Appreciated Appreciative
Apprehensive Approachable Approaching
Appropriate Approved Approving
Approximate Aquacultural Aquaphobic
Aquatic Aqueous Aquicultural
Aquiferous Aquiline Arboreal
Arborescent Arboreous Arboresque
Arboreal Arboriform Arborous
Architectural Ardent Arduous
Arenicolous Areolar Areolate
Argent Argentic Argentiferous
Argentine Argentinian Argentous
Argillaceous Argive Arguable
Argumentative Arid Ariled
Arillate Ariose Aristocratic
Aristocratical Aristotelean Aristotelian
Aristotelic Arithmetic Arithmetical
Armed Armillary Aromatic
Arresting Arrogant Artful
Artificial Artistic Artless
Ascendant Ascendant Ascending
Ascensive Ascetic Ascetical
Ascitic Ashamed Asian
Asiatic Asinine Askance
Askant Askew Aslant
Asleep Aslope Asocial
Aspectual Aspheric Aspherical
Asphyxiated Aspirant Aspiring
Asquint Assamese Assertable
Asserting Assertive Assignable
Assigned Assistant Assistive
Associable Associate Assorted
Assumable Assured Assuring
Astonished Astonishing Astounded
Astounding Astringent Astronomical
Astute Asymmetrical Atheist
Atheistic Athirst Athletic
Atlantic Atmospheric Atomic
Atomistic Atonal Atonalistic
Atonic Atoxic Atrabilious
Atrocious Attachable Attached
Attainable Attempted Attendant
Attentive Attenuate Attractive
Attributable Atypical Audacious
Auditive Auditory August
Augustan Aureate Auric
Auricular Auspicious Australian
Austrian Authentic Authoritarian
Authoritative Autobiographical Autographed
Automatic Autonomous Available
Avant-garde Avenging Average
Aversive Avestan Avian
Avid Avifaunal Avionic
Avirulent Avoidable Awake
Awakening Aware Awash
Away Aweary Aweigh
Awesome Awful Awkward
Awol Awry Axenic
Axial Axile Axillary
Axiological Axiomatic Axiomatical
Ayurvedic Azerbaijani Azido

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Adjectives That Start With A to Describe a Person

Here is the list of adjectives that start with A to describe a person

Abandoned Abject Able
Absent Academic Acceptant
Accountable Accurate Acned
Adept Adoptive Adroit
Advanced Afraid African

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Positive Adjectives That Start With A

Here is the list of positive adjectives that start with A

Absolute Abundant Acceptable
Accepted Accommodation Accredited
Acknowledged Activated Active
Actual Adaptive Adjustable
Adoptable Adorable Adoring

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