Adjectives That Start With H

Adjectives That Start With H
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List of Adjectives That Start With H

Here is the list of five hundred (500) adjectives that start with H

Habilimented Habitable Habited
Habitual Hackneyed Hadal
Hadean Haemal Haematal
Haematic Haematogenic Haemic
Haemolytic Haemorrhagic Haggard
Hagridden Haired Hairless
Hairlike Hairsplitting Hairy
Haitian Halal Halcyon
Hale Half Halfhearted
Half-hearted Halfway Half-way
Hallowed Hallucinatory Hallucinogenic
Halt Halting Hammy
Handed Handelian Handheld
Handicapped Handleless Handled
Handless Handmade Handsewn
Hands-off Handsome Handsomely
Hands-on Handstitched Handwoven
Handwritten Handy Hangdog
Hanging Hanoverian Haphazard
Hapless Haploid Haploidic
Happier Happiest Happy
Haptic Hard Hardback
Hardbacked Hardbound Hardcore
Hard-core Hardcover Hardened
Hardheaded Hardhearted Hardline
Hardscrabble Hardworking Hardy
Harebrained Harmful Harmless
Haploid Haploidic Happier
Happiest Haptic Hard
Hardback Hardbacked Hardbound
Hardcover Hardfisted Hardline
Harmonious Harmonizable Harried
Harrowing Harsh Harsher
Harshest Hassidic Hastate
Hasty Hated Hateful
Hatefully Hatless Hatted
Haughty Haunting Hawaiian
Hawk-eyed Hawkish Haywire
Hazardous Hazel Hazy
Head Headed Headfirst
Headless Headlike Headlong
Headstrong Heady Healing
Healthful Healthy Hearable
Hearing Hearsay Heartbreaking
Heartbroken Heartfelt Heartless
Heartrending Heartsick Heartwarming
Heart-whole Hearty Heatable
Heated Heathen Heathenish
Heathlike Heatless Heavenly
Heavenward Heavy Heavy-armed
Heavy-duty Heavy-handed Heavyhearted
Heavyset Hebdomadal Hebdomadary
Hebephrenic Hebraic Hebraical
Hebrew Hebridean Hectic
Hedonic Hedonistic Heedful
Heedless Hefty Hegelian
Heinous Heliac Heliacal
Helical Heliocentric Hellenic
Hellenistic Hellish Helmeted
Helminthic Helpful Helpfully
Helpless Hemal Hematal
Hematic Hematogenic Hematologic
Hematological Hematopoietic Hemic
Hemimetabolic Hemiparasitic Hemispheric
Hemispherical Hemodynamic Hemolytic
Hemophilic Hemopoietic Hemorrhagic
Hempen Henpecked Hep
Hepatic Hepatotoxic Heraldic
Heraldist Herbaceous Herbal
Herbivorous Herculean Here
Hereditary Heretical Heritable
Hermaphrodite Hermaphroditic Hermeneutic
Hermetic Hermitic Hermitical
Heroic Heroical Hesitant
Hesitating Hesperian Het
Heterocercal Heterocyclic Heterodactyl
Heterodox Heterodyne Heteroecious
Heterogeneous Heterogenous Heteroicous
Heterologic Heterological Heterologous
Heterosexual Heterosporous Heterothermic
Heterotrophic Heterozygous Heuristic
Hex Hexadecimal Hexagonal
Hexangular Hexed Hibernal
Hick Hidebound Hidden
Hideous Hidrotic Hiemal
Hierarchal Hierarchic Hierarchical
Hieratic Hieroglyphic Hieroglyphical
Hifalutin High Highborn
Highbrow Highbrowed Highfalutin
Highfaluting Highflying High-functioning
Highland High-maintenance High-rise
High-risk High-sounding High-speed
High-spirited High-strung High-tech
High-toned High-yield Hilar
Hilarious Hilly Himalayan
Hind Hinder Hindering
Hindermost Hindi Hindoo
Hindu Hindustani Hip
Hiplength Hipless Hipped
Hippocratic Hircine Hired
Hirsute Hispanic Hispaniolan
Hispid Hissing Histologic
Histological Historical Historied
Histrionic Hi-tech Hitlerian
Hitless Hittite Hmong
Hoar Hoarse Hoary
Hobnailed Hogged Hoggish
Hokey Holey Holiday
Holier Holiest Holistic
Holistic Hollywood Holographic
Holographical Holometabolic Holophytic
Holozoic Holy Home
Homebound Homegrown Homeless
Homelike Homely Homemade
Homeopathic Homesick Homespun
Homeward Homey Homicidal
Homiletic Hominal Homing
Hominian Hominid Hominine
Homocercal Homocyclic Homoecious
Homoerotic Homogeneous Homogenized
Homogenous Homoiothermic Homologic
Homological Homologous Homophile
Homophobic Homophonic Homophonous
Homosexual Homosporous Homostyled
Homostylic Homostylous Homothermic
Homozygous Homy Honduran
Honest Honey Honeycombed
Honeyed Honeylike Honied
Honking Honorable Honorary
Honored Honourable Hoofed
Hooflike Hooked Hooklike
Hopeful Hopeless Hooved
Horary Horizontal Hormonal
Horned Hornless Hornlike
Horny Horrendous Horrible
Horrid Horrific Horrified
Horrifying Hortative Hortatory
Horticultural Hospitable Hostile
Hot Hotheaded Hot-tempered
Hotter Hottest Hottish
Hourly House Housebound
Housebroken Housewifely Howling
Hoydenish Hubristic Huffish
Huffy Huge Huger
Hugest Huggable Hugoesque
Hulking Hulky Human
Humane Humanistic Humanitarian
Humanlike Human-like Humble
Humbled Humbling Humdrum
Humic Humid Humified
Humiliated Humiliating Humming
Humongous Humorless Humorous
Humourless Humourous Humpbacked
Humped Hunchbacked Hundred
Hundredth Hungarian Hungrier
Hungriest Hungry Hurried
Hurt Hurtful Husbandly
Hushed Huskier Huskiest
Husky Huxleian Huxleyan
Hyaline Hyaloid Hybrid
Hydraulic Hydric Hydrophobic
Hydrophytic Hydroponic Hydrostatic
Hydrothermal Hydrous Hydroxy
Hygienic Hygienical Hypnogogic

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Adjectives That Start With H to Describe a Person

Here is the list of adjectives that start with H to describe a person

Haggard Hairier Hairless
Hairy Handicapped Handiest
Handless Handsome Handsomest
Handy Hanging Haphazard
Hapless Happier Happiest

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Positive Adjectives That Start With H

Here is the list of positive adjectives that start with H

Habitable Hale Hallowed
Handsome Handy Happening
Happy Hardworking Hardy
Harmless Harmonious Harmonizable
Head Healing Healthful

Here is the list of baby names that start with H

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