Verbs That Start With A

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List of Verbs That Start With A

Here is the list of seven hundred three (703) Verbs  that start with A

Abacinate Abalienate Aband
Abandon Abase Abash
Abate Abbreviate Abdicate
Abduce Abduct Abear
Aberr Aberrate Aberuncate
Abet Abhor Abide
Abirritate Abjudge Abjudicate
Abjugate Abjure Ablactate
Ablaqueate Ablegate Abligate
Ablude Abnegate Abnodate
Abode Abolish Abolitionize
Abominate Abord Abort
Abortifacient Abortive Abound
Abrade Abraid Abray
Abregge Abrenounce Abridge
Abroach Abrogate Abrook
Abrupt Abscind Abscond
Absent Absinthiate Absist
Absolve Absorb Absquatulate
Abstain Absterge Absterse
Abstract Abstringe Abstrude
Absume Abuse Abusion
Abut Aby Abye
Accede Accelerate Accend
Accent Accentuate Accept
Access Accite Acclaim
Acclimate Acclimatize Accloy
Accoast Accoil Accommodate
Accompany Accomplish Accord
Accordment Accorporate Accost
Account Accouple Accourage
Accourt Accouter Accoutre
Accoy Accredit Accresce
Accrete Accriminate Accroach
Accrue Accumb Accumber
Accumulate Accurse Accuse
Accustom Ace Acerbate
Acervate Acetify Acetize
Ache Achieve Achromatize
Acidify Acidulate Acknow
Acknowledge Acquaint Acquiesce
Acquiet Acquire Acquit
Acquittance Acrase Acraze
Acrospire Act Action
Activate Actualize Actuate
Acuate Acuminate Acupuncture
Acute Adact Adapt
Adaunt Adaw Add
Addeem Addictive Addle
Addoom Address Adduce
Adduct Addulce Adeem
Adfected Adhere Adhibit
Adhort Adight Adipocerate
Adject Adjective Adjoin
Adjourn Adjudge Adjudicate
Adjugate Adjure Adjust
Adjute Admarginate Admeasure
Administer Administrate Admire
Admit Admix Admonish
Admove Adonize Adopt
Adore Adorn Adpress
Adread Adrogate Adsignify
Adulate Adulter Adulterate
Adulterize Adumbrate Adure
Advance Advancement Advantage
Advene Adventure Adverbialize
Adverse Advert Advertise
Advise Advocate Advoke
Adz Aerate Aerify
Aestivate Affamish Affatuate
Affear Affect Affeer
Affiance Affile Affiliate
Affine Affirm Affix
Afflict Afforce Afford
Afforest Affranchise Affrap
Affray Affreight Affright
Affrighten Affront Affuse
Affy Africanize Aftereye
Againbuy Againsay Againstand
Agast Agatize Age
Aggerate Aggest Agglomerate
Agglutinate Aggrace Aggrandize
Aggravate Aggregate Aggrege
Aggress Aggrieve Aggroup
Aghast Agist Agitate
Agnize Agnominate Agonize
Agrace Agrarianize Agree
Agrise Ague Aguilt
Aguise Aid Ail
Aim Air Ake
Alacrify Alarm Albumenize
Alchemize Alcoholize Alegge
Alert Algebraize Alien
Alienate Aliene Alight
Align Aliment Aline
Alkalify Alkalizate Alkalize
Allatrate Allay Allect
Alledge Allege Allegge
Allegorize Alleviate Allfours
Alliance Alligate Allineate
Alliterate Allocate Allonge
Allot Allotropize Allow
Alloy Allude Allure
Ally Alose Alphabet
Alphabetize Alter Altercate
Alternant Alternate Alum
Aluminize Amain Amalgamate
Amalgamize Amass Amate
Amaze Amber Ambition
Amble Ambulate Ambuscade
Ambush Ambushment Amel
Ameliorate Amen Amenage
Amend Amenuse Amerce
Americanize Amit Ammunition
Amnesty Amoneste Amortize
Amount Amove Ampliate
Amplificate Amplify Amputate
Amuse Anabaptize Anachronize
Anaesthetize Anagram Anagrammatize
Analogize Analyse Analyze
Anarchize Anastomose Anathematize
Anchor Anchylose Anear
Anele Anesthetize Angelify
Angelize Anger Angle
Anglicify Anglicize Anglify
Anguish Angulate Angurize
Anhang Anhele Anient
Anientise Animadvert Animalize
Animate Animosity Ankylose
Annalize Anneal Annex
Annexation Annihilate Annominate
Annotate Announce Annoy
Annul Annumerate Annunciate
Anoil Anoint Anorn
Answer Antagonize Ante
Antecede Ante-date Antedate
Antepone Antevert Anthem
Anthropomorphize Antic Anticipate
Antidote Antipathize Antiquarianize
Antiquate Antrovert Anvil
Apair Ape Aphetize
Aphorize Apocopate Apologize
Apology Apostate Apostatize
Apostemate Apostrophize Apothegmatize
Apotheosize Appair Appall
Apparaillyng Apparel Appay
Appeach Appeal Appear
Appease Append Appendant
Appendicate Apperceive Appertain
Appete Appetize Applaud
Apple Applicate Applot
Apply Appoint Appointee
Apportion Appose Appraise
Appreciate Apprehend Apprentice
Apprise Apprize Approach
Approbate Appromt Appropinquate
Appropre Appropriate Approve
Approver Approximate Apricate
Apt Aptate Arace
Araise Arbiter Arbitrable
Arbitrate Arch Archaize
Archive Aread Arear
Areed Arefy Arere
Aret Argue Argufy
Argument Argumentize Arianize
Arietate Arise Arm
Armada Aroint Aromatize
Arouse Arraign Arraiment
Arrange Arras Array
Arrayment Arrect Arrest
Arrestee Arret Arride
Arrive Arrogate Arrose
Arsenicate Art Arterialize
Article Articulata Articulate
Artificialize Artilize Aryanize
Ascend Ascertain Ascribe
Ash Ashame Ask
Askance Aslake Asperate
Asperne Asperse Asphalt
Asphyxiate Aspirate Aspire
Assail Assart Assassin
Assassinate Assault Assay
Assecure Assemble Assent
Assert Assess Assessor
Assever Asseverate Assibilate
Assiege Assign Assignee
Assimilate Assimulate Assist
Assize Assober Associate
Assoil Assoilyie Assoilzie
Assonate Assort Assot
Assuage Assubjugate Assume
Assumpt Assure Asswage
Astart Astert Astipulate
Aston Astone Astonish
Astony Astound Astrict
Astringe Astrologize Astronomize
Astun Asweve Atake
Atheize Athink Atmolyze
Atom Atomize Atone
Atrede Atrenne Atrophy
Attach Attache Attack
Attain Attaint Attame
Attaminate Attask Attaste
Attemper Attemperate Attempt
Attend Attendance Attendant
Attent Attenuate Atterrate
Attest Atticize Attinge
Attire Attitudinize Attorn
Attorney Attract Attrahent
Attrap Attribute Attune
Atwite Auction Auctioneer
Audit Audition Augment
Augur Augurate Aumail
Aunter Auntre Auscult
Auscultate Auspicate Australize
Authenticate Author Authorize
Autograph Automaton Avail
Avale Avaunce Avaunt
Avel Avenge Aventre
Aver Average Averment
Averruncate Averse Avert
Avile Avise Avoid
Avoke Avolate Avouch
Avow Avowtry Avulse
Await Awake Awaken
Award Awarn Awe
Awhape Awreak Awreke
Ax Axe Azotize

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