Verbs That Start With F

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List of Verbs That Start With F

Here is the list of five hundred seventy five (575) Verbs that start with F

Fable Fabric Fabricate
Fabulize Face Facet
Facilitate Facsimile Factor
Factorize Faddle Fade
Faffle Fag Fagot
Fail Fain Faint
Fair Fake Fall
Falsify Falter Famble
Fame Familiarize Family
Famish Famulate Fan
Fanaticize Fancied Fancy
Fang Fangle Fantasy
Farce Farctate Fard
Fardel Fare Farfetch
Farfow Farl Farm
Farrier Farther Fascinate
Fash Fashion Fast
Fasten Fast-forward Fat
Father Fathom Fatigate
Fatten Fault Fawn
Fay Faze Feague
Fear Feast Feat
Feather Feathering Feature
Feaze Feazings Febricitate
Fecche Fecundate Fecundify
Federalize Federate Fee
Feeble Feed Feel
Feeze Feign Feine
Feint Feize Fele
Felicitate Fell Fellow
Fellowfeel Fellowship Felt
Felter Femalize Feminize
Fence Fencing Fend
Fender Fenerate Feoff
Fere Ferment Ferret
Ferruminate Ferry Fertilitate
Fertilize Ferule Fescue
Fess Fester Festeye
Festoon Fet Fetch
Fete Fette Fetter
Fettle Feud Feudalize
Feuter Fever Fey
Feyne Fiance Fib
Fictionalize Fiddle Fiddledeedee
Fidget Field Fife
Fight Figure Filch
File Filiate Filibuster
Fill Fillet Fillip
Film Filter Filtrate
Fimbriate Fin Finalize
Financier Find Fine
Finedraw Fineer Finesse
Finestill Fine-tune Finger
Finish Fire Firk
Firm Firmament Fit
Fish Fishify Fisk
Fissure Fist Fistulate
Fix Fizz Fizzle
Flabbergast Flacker Flag
Flagellata Flagellate Flagellum
Flagitate Flagrate Flake
Flam Flame Flange
Flank Flanker Flannel
Flap Flapdragon Flare
Flash Flat Flatten
Flatter Flattery Flaunt
Flavor Flaw Flawter
Flay Flea Flear
Flecker Fledge Flee
Fleece Fleer Fleet
Fleme Flench Flense
Flesh Fletch Flete
Flex Flick Flicker
Flidge Flier Flinch
Fling Flip Flipe
Flip-flop Flirt Flisk
Flit Flite Flitter
Float Flocculate Flock
Flog Flood Floor
Flop Floss Flote
Flotten Flounce Flounder
Flour Flourish Flout
Flow Flower Floyte
Fluctuate Fluff Fluidize
Flunk Fluoridate Flurry
Flush Fluster Flustrate
Flute Flutter Flux
Fly Flyblow Flyfish
Flying Flyspeck Fnese
Foal Foam Fob
Focalize Focillate Focus
Foe Fog Foil
Foin Foist Fold
Foliage Foliate Folio
Follow Folwe Foment
Fond Fonde Fondle
Fonge Food Fool
Foolify Foot Forage
Foray Forbathe Forbear
Forbid Forbruise Forcarve
Force Forcut Ford
Fordo Fordrive Fordwine
Fore Foreadmonish Foreadvise
Foreallege Foreappoint Forearm
Forebode Forecast Foreclose
Foreconceive Foredate Foredeem
Foredesign Foredetermine Foredispose
Foredoom Forefeel Forefend
Foreflow Foregather Forego
Foreguess Forehear Forehend
Forehew Forejudge Foreknow
Forel Forelay Forelend
Forelet Forelie Forelift
Forelook Forename Foreordain
Foreordinate Foreprize Forereach
Foreread Forerun Foresay
Foresee Foreseize Foreshadow
Foreshew Foreshorten Foreshow
Foresignify Foreslack Foreslow
Forespeak Forest Forestall
Foretaste Foreteach Foretell
Forethink Foretoken Forewarn
Forewaste Forewend Forewish
Forewite Forfeit Forfend
Forfete Forgather Forge
Forger Forget Forgive
Forgo Forhall Forhend
Forisfamiliate Fork Forkerve
Forlay Forleave Forlend
Forlese Forlet Forlie
Forlorn Forlye Form
Formalize Format Formularize
Formulate Formulize Fornicate
Forpass Forpine Forray
Forsake Forsay Forshape
Forslack Forslouthe Forslow
Forslugge Forsooth Forspeak
Forstall Forswear Forthink
Fortify Fortread Fortress
Fortune Fortunize Forwander
Forward Forwaste Forweep
Forwete Forwrap Forwweary
Foryelde Foryete Fossilize
Foster Fother Foul
Foulder Foully Found
Founder Foundling Fourfold
Fowl Fox Frab
Fracas Fract Fraction
Fractionate Fracture Fragment
Fraise Frame Franchise
Frank Frap Fraternate
Fraternize Fray Freak
Freck Freckle Free
Freeborn Freeze Freight
Frenchify Frenzy Frequent
Fresco Fresh Freshen
Fret Fribble Friend
Frieze Frighten Frill
Fringe Frisk Frist
Frit Fritter Friz
Frizz Frizzle Frlcassee
Frock Frog Frolic
Frondesce Front Frontier
Frost Frostbite Frote
Froth Frounce Frown
Frubish Fructify Fruit
Frump Frush Frustrate
Fry Fuddle Fudge
Fub Fuel Fuff
Fugle Fulfil Fulfill
Fulgurate Full Fuller
Fulminate Fulmine Fum
Fumade Fumado Fumble
Fume Fumify Fumigate
Funambulate Function Functionalize
Functionate Fund Funerate
Funk Funnel Fur
Furbish Furdle Furhelow
Furl Furlough Furnish
Furniture Furring Furrow
Further Fuse Fusible
Fusil Fusillade Fusion
Fuss Fussure Fust
Fustigate Fuzz Fuzzle
Futile Future Future-proof

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