Verbs That Start With J

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List of Verbs That Start With J

Here is the list of  one hundred fifteen (115) Verbs that start with J

Jab Jabber Jack
Jacket Jack-knife Jacobinize
Jaculate Jade Jag
Jagg Jail Jam
Jamb Jangle Jant
Japan Jape Jar
Jarble Jargle Jargon
Jasperize Jaunce Jaundice
Jaunt Javelin Jaw
Jawn Jee Jeer
Jell Jelly Jeopard
Jeopardize Jeopardy Jerk
Jest Jet Jetty
Jewel Jib Jibe
Jig Jigger Jiggle
Jilt Jingle Job
Jockey Jog Joggle
Join Joinder Joint
Jointure Joist Joke
Jole Joll Jolly
Jolt Jostle Jot
Jouk Joul Jounce
Journalize Journey Joust
Jowl Joy Jubilate
Judaize Judge Judgment
Judicable Jug Juggle
Jugulate Juice Juke
Jumble Jump Jump-start
Jumpweld Junk Junket
Just Justice Justify
Justle Jut Jutty
Juxtapose Juxtaposit Juxtaposition

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