Verbs That Start With L

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List of Verbs That Start With L

Here is the list of three hundred twenty five (325) Verbs that start with L

Lab Labefy Label
Labialize Labiate Labor
Lace Laced Lacerate
Lachrymate Lack Lacker
Lackey Laconize Lacquer
Lactate Ladder Lade
Ladify Ladle Lag
Lagan Lake Lakke
Lam Lamb Lambast
Lambaste Lame Lament
Laminate Lamm Lampoon
Lance Lanch Lanciname
Land Landlock Landscape
Language Languish Langure
Laniate Lank Lantern
Lap Lapidate Lapidify
Lappet Lapse Lard
Lare Large Lariat
Lark Larrup Lash
Lasso Last Lat
Latch Late Lath
Lather Latibulize Latin
Latinize Latrate Lattice
Laud Laudable Laudation
Laugh Laughter Launch
Launder Laundress Laureate
Lave Laveer Laving
Lavish Law Lawe
Lax Lay Lay
Layer Laze Leach
Lead Lead Leaf
Leaflet League Leaguer
Leak Leam Lean
Leap Leap Leapfrog
Lear Learn Lease
Leash Leather Leave
Leave Leaven Lech
Lecher Lecture Lee
Leech Leeme Leer
Leese Leg Legalize
Lege Legend Legge
Legislate Legitimate Legitimatize
Legitimize Leme Lend
Lene Length Lengthen
Lenify Leperize Lere
Lered Lese Less
Lessee Lessen Lesses
Lesson Lessor Lest
Let Letch Lete
Lethargize Lethargy Letheonize
Lette Letter Ley
Levant Levanter Leve
Levee Level Lever
Levigable Levigate Levitate
Levy Liable Lib
Libel Liberalize Liberate
Librate License Licentiate
Lick Lie Lifen
Lift Lig Ligate
Ligature Lige Ligge
Light Lighten Lighter
Lignify Like Liken
Lill Lilt Limb
Limbec Limber Lime
Limit Limitaneous Limitary
Limitate Limitation Limn
Limp Lin Line
Linger Link Lionize
Lip Lip-read Lipse
Lip-synch Liquable Liquate
Liquefy Liquidate Liquidize
Liquor Lisp Liss
List Listen Literalize
Lithe Lithograph Lithotype
Litigate Litter Live
Livery Lixiviate Load
Loaf Loam Loan
Loathe Lob Lobby
Localize Locate Lock
Lodge Lodgment Loffe
Log Logge Logroll
Loiter Loll Lollop
Londonize Long Loo
Loof Look Loom
Loop Loose Loosen
Loot Lop Lope
Lopper Lord Lore
Loricate Lose Losing
Loss Lost Lot
Lote Lounge Louse
Lout Love Low
Lowbell Lower Lu
Lubricate Lubricitate Luck
Lucubrate Luff Lug
Lull Lullaby Lumber
Luminate Lumine Lump
Lunch Luncheon Lunge
Lurch Lure Lurk
Lusk Lust Luster
Lustrate Lustre Lute
Lux Luxate Luxuriate
Lying Lyken Lynch

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