Verbs That Start With M

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List of Verbs That Start With M

Here is the list of six hundred forty (640) Verbs that start with M

Mabble Macadamize Macarize
Macerate Machinate Machine
Machine-gun Mackle Maculate
Macule Mad Madden
Madefy Maffle Magazine
Magic Magnetize Magnificate
Magnify Mahometanize Maiden
Mail Maim Main
Mainprise Mainswear Maintain
Major Make Malax
Malaxate Male Maleficiate
Maletreat Malice Malign
Malignify Malinger Mall
Malleableize Malleate Malt
Maltreat Mammer Mammock
Mammonize Man Manace
Manacle Manage Management
Mancipate Mandate Mander
Manducate Maneuver Mangle
Mangonize Manifest Manifold
Manipulate Manoeuvre Mansion
Manswear Mantle Manufacture
Manumise Manumit Manure
Map Mar Maraud
Marauder Marbleize March
Margent Margin Marginalize
Marginate Marinate Marital
Mark Market Marl
Marline Maroon Marriage
Marrow Marry Marshal
Mart Martel Martialize
Martyr Martyrize Marvel
Masculate Mase Mash
Mask Masker Mason
Masquerade Mass Massacre
Massage Mast Master
Masthead Masticate Mat
Match Mate Material
Materialize Matriculate Matronize
Matter Matting Maturate
Mature Maudle Maugre
Maul Maunch Maund
Maunder Maximize May
Mazard Maze Meach
Meager Meagre Meal
Mean Meander Measure
Meat Meaw Meawl
Mechanicalize Mechanize Medal
Meddle Mediate Mediatize
Medicate Medicine Meditate
Medle Medly Meech
Meed Meek Meeken
Meet Meeten Meine
Melancholize Meliorate Mell
Mellow Melodize Melt
Member Memorate Memorialize
Memorize Menace Mend
Menge Mense Menstruate
Mensurate Mention Mentor
Menuse Meow Merce
Merchand Merchandise Merchant
Mercify Mercurialize Mercurify
Mercury Mere Merge
Merit Merrimake Merrymake
Meseems Mesh Mesmerize
Mess Message Messenger
Metabolize Metage Metal
Metallize Metamorphize Metamorphose
Mete Metempsychose Meteorize
Meter Methinks Methodize
Methylate Metrify Meve
Mew Mewl Mexicanize
Mezzotint Mezzotinto Miaul
Mich Miche Midwife
Midwive Miff Might
Mignon Migo Migrate
Milden Mildew Militate
Militiate Milk Mill
Milt Mime Mimic
Mince Mind Mine
Mineral Mineralize Mineralogize
Minge Mingle Mingledly
Miniardize Miniate Miniature
Minify Minimize Mining
Minionize Minister Minor
Minorate Mint Minute
Miracle Miraculize Mire
Mirror Misaccompt Misadjust
Misadvise Misaffect Misaffirm
Misallege Misalter Misapply
Misapprehend Misappropriate Misarcribe
Misarrange Misassay Misassign
Misattend Misavize Misbear
Misbecome Misbede Misbehave
Misbelieve Misbeseem Misbestow
Miscalculate Miscall Miscarry
Miscast Miscensure Mischance
Mischaracterize Mischarge Mischief
Mischoose Mischristen Miscite
Miscognize Miscolor Miscomprehend
Miscompute Misconceive Misconduct
Misconjecture Misconsecrate Misconstruct
Misconstrue Miscopy Miscorrect
Miscounsel Miscount Miscovet
Miscreate Misdate Misdeal
Misdeem Misdemean Misdepart
Misderive Misdescribe Misdiet
Misdirect Misdistinguish Misdivide
Misdo Misdoubt Miseducate
Misemploy Misenter Misentreat
Misestimate Misexpound Misfall
Misfare Misfashion Misfeign
Misform Misfortune Misframe
Misget Misgie Misgive
Misgovern Misgraff Misgraft
Misground Misguess Misguide
Misgye Mishandle Mishap
Mishappen Mishear Misimprove
Misincline Misinfer Misinform
Misinstruct Misintend Misinterpret
Misjoin Misjudge Miskeep
Misken Miskindle Misknow
Mislay Misle Mislead
Mislearn Mislight Mislike
Mislive Mislodge Mismanage
Mismark Mismatch Mismate
Mismeasure Mismeter Misname
Misnomer Misnumber Misnurture
Misobserve Misorder Mispaint
Mispay Mispell Mispend
Mispersuade Misplace Misplead
Mispoint Mispraise Misprint
Misprise Misprize Misprofess
Mispronounce Misproportion Mispunctuate
Misquote Misraise Misrate
Misread Misreceive Misrecite
Misreckon Misrecollect Misreform
Misregulate Misrehearse Misrelate
Misremember Misrender Misrepeat
Misreport Misrepresent Misrepute
Misrule Miss Missay
Misseek Misseem Missend
Misserve Misset Misshape
Missificate Missing Mission
Missit Missound Misspeak
Misspell Misspend Misstate
Misstep Misswear Mist
Mistake Misteach Mistell
Mistemper Mister Misterm
Misthink Misthrive Misthrow
Mistide Mistime Mistitle
Mistle Mistrain Mistranslate
Mistransport Mistreat Mistress
Mistrist Mistrow Mistrust
Mistune Misturn Mistutor
Misunderstand Misuse Misvalue
Misvouch Miswander Miswear
Miswed Misween Miswend
Misword Misworship Miswrite
Misyoke Miter Mitigate
Mitre Mix Mizzle
Moan Moat Moate
Mob Mobilize Moble
Mock Model Modelize
Moder Moderate Modernize
Modificate Modify Modulate
Moe Moeve Mohammedanism
Mohammedanize Mohammedize Moider
Moil Moist Moisten
Moither Mold Molder
Mole Molest Mollify
Molt Monarchize Monest
Monetize Money Monger
Mongrelize Monish Monitor
Monkey Monopolize Monster
Moo Moon Moonlight
Moor Moot Mop
Mope Moral Moralize
Mordant More Morphew
Mortalize Mortar Mortgage
Mortify Mortise Mosel
Moss Mot Mote
Moth Mother Motion
Motivate Motive Motor
Mottle Mould Moulder
Moule Moult Moun
Mounch Mound Mount
Mountaineer Mountebank Mounty
Mourn Mouse Mousle
Mouth Move Mow
Mowburn Mowe Moyle
Muck Mucker Mue
Mud Muddle Muddy
Muff Muffle Mug
Mulch Mulct Mull
Mullion Multiply Mumble
Mumm Mummify Mummy
Mump Munch Mundify
Munificate Munify Munite
Munnerate Murder Murmur
Murther Musard Muscle
Muscularize Muse Mush
Musk Muss Must
Muster Mux Muzzle
Mutate Mute Mutilate
Mutine Mutiny Mutter
Mysterize Mystify Mythologize

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