Verbs That Start With N

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List of Verbs That Start With N

Here is the list of one hundred fifty one (151) Verbs that start with N

Nab Nag Nail
Name Nap Naphthalize
Narcotize Narrate Narrow
Nasalize Nationalize Natter
Naturalize Nature Naturize
Nauseate Navigate Nay
Nayt Neal Near
Neatify Nebulize Necessitate
Neck Necrose Nectarize
Need Needle Neese
Negate Negative Neglect
Negotiate Neigh Neighbor
Nempne Neologize Neoterize
Nerve Nesslerize Nest
Nestle Net Netify
Nettle Network Neuter
Neutralize Neven New
Newfangle Newing Newmarket
Nib Nibble Nick
Nickel-and-dime Nicker Nicking
Nickname Nictate Nictitate
Nidificate Nidulate Niggard
Niggle Nigh Nil
Nill Nim Nip
Nitrify Nitrogenize Nobilify
Nobilitate Noble Nock
Nod Nog Nogging
Noie Noint Noise
Nolleity Nol-pros Nomadize
Nominalize Nominate Nonconcur
Nonplus Non-pros Nonprossed
Nonsuit Noon Noose
Normalize North Nose
Nosel Notch Note
Notice Notify Nott
Nounize Nourish Noursle
Nousel Nousle Novelize
Noy Nub Nubble
Nubilate Nucleate Nuddle
Nudge Nugify Null
Nullify Numb Number
Numerable Numerate Nunchion
Nuncupate Nurl Nurse
Nurstle Nurture Nustle

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