Verbs That Start With P

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List of Verbs That Start With P

Here is the list of eight hundred ninety two (892) Verbs that start with P

Pace Pacify Pack
Packet Pact Pad
Paddle Padlock Paganize
Page Pageant Page-jack
Pain Paint Painture
Pair Pairing Pal
Paladiumize Palatalize Palate
Palatinate Palatize Palaver
Pale Palisade Palisado
Pall Palliate Palm
Palmer Palp Palpate
Palpitate Palsy Palter
Pamper Pamperize Pamphlet
Pamphleteer Pan Pandarize
Pander Panegyrize Panel
Pang Panic Pant
Pap Papalize Paper
Papillate Parable Parachute
Parade Paradigmatize Paradise
Paragon Paragraph Parallel
Parallelize Paralogize Paralyse
Paralyze Paraph Paraphrase
Parasol Parboil Parbreak
Parbuckle Parcel Parch
Pardon Pare Parenthesize
Parer Parforn Parfourn
Parget Paring Park
Parle Parley Parochialize
Parody Parole Parrot
Parry Parse Part
Partake Partialize Participate
Participialize Particularize Particulate
Parting Partition Partner
Parturiate Party Pash
Pasquil Pasquin Pasquinade
Pass Passade Passado
Passage Passant Passion
Passionate Passivize Past
Paste Pasteurize Pastime
Pasture Pat Patch
Patent Path Patient
Patrizate Patrocinate Patrol
Patrole Patron Patronage
Patronize Patter Pattern
Paum Paunch Pauperize
Pause Pave Pavement
Pavilion Paw Pawl
Pawn Pay Paynize
Payse Peace Peach
Peak Peal Pearl
Pebble Peck Pectize
Peculate Peculiarize Pedagogue
Pedantize Peddle Pedestrianize
Pee Peece Peek
Peel Peen Peenge
Peep Peer Peg
Peise Pell Pelt
Pen Penalize Penance
Pencil Pend Pendulate
Penetrate Peninsulate Pension
Pent People Pepper
Peptonize Peract Peragrate
Perambulate Perce Perceive
Perch Percher Percolate
Percuss Perdure Peregrinate
Perempt Perfect Perfection
Perfectionate Perfix Perflate
Perforate Perforce Perform
Perfricate Perfume Perfuncturate
Perfuse Periclitate Peril
Period Periphrase Perish
Perisse Periwig Perjure
Perjury Perk Permeate
Permit Permix Permute
Pern Pernor Perorate
Peroxidize Perpend Perpetrate
Perpetuate Perplex Persecute
Persever Persevere Persist
Persolve Person Personalize
Personate Personify Personize
Perspire Perstringe Persuade
Pert Pertain Perturb
Perturbate Peruke Peruse
Pervade Pervert Pervestigate
Pessimize Pester Pestle
Pet Peter Petition
Petrificate Petrify Pettifog
Pettifogulize Pew Phase
Pheese Phial Philander
Philippize Philologize Philosophate
Philosophize Philter Phlebotomize
Phlogisticate Phonetize Phosphorate
Phosphoresce Phosphorize Photograph
Photolithograph Phrase Phrensy
Physic Physiognomize Physiologize
Pi Pick Pickeer
Picket Pickle Picnic
Picture Picturize Piddle
Pie Piece Pierce
Pig Pigeon Pigeonhole
Pignerate Pike Pile
Pilfer Pilgrim Pilgrimize
Pill Pillage Pillorize
Pillory Pillow Pilot
Pimp Pin Pinch
Pinch-hit Pine Ping
Pinion Pink Pinnacle
Pioneer Pip Pipe
Pipeclay Piping Pique
Piqueer Pirate Pirl
Pirouette Pish Piss
Pistol Pistol-whip Pit
Pitch Pitchfork Pith
Pitted Pitter Pity
Pivot Pix Placard
Placate Place Plagiarize
Plagiary Plague Plain
Plait Plan Planch
Plancher Plane Planish
Plank Plant Plash
Plaster Plat Plate
Plateau Platform Platinize
Platitudinize Platonize Plaud
Plausibleize Play Pleach
Plead Please Pleasure
Pleat Plebeianize Pledge
Plein Plenish Plete
Pley Pliable Pliant
Plica Plight Plim
Plod Plonge Plot
Plough Plow Ploy
Pluck Pluff Plug
Plumb Plume Plummet
Plump Plunder Plunge
Pluralize Ply Plyght
Poach Pocket Pod
Poetize Poind Point
Poise Poison Poke
Polarize Pole Police
Policy Polish Polite
Politize Politure Poll
Pollard Pollenize Pollinate
Pollute Polygamize Polymerize
Polytheize Polytype Pomatum
Pommel Pomp Pond
Ponder Ponderate Poniard
Pontificate Pony Pooh
Pool Poop Pop
Popple Popularize Populate
Pore Porphyrize Port
Portage Portcullis Portend
Portion Portrait Portraiture
Portray Pose Posit
Position Poss Possess
Possession Posset Post
Postdate Post-date Postexist
Postfix Postil Postillate
Postmark Postpone Postpose
Postposit Postscribe Postulate
Posture Pot Potch
Potentiate Potentize Pother
Potion Potter Pouch
Poulder Poultice Pounce
Pound Poundage Poup
Pour Pourtray Poussette
Pout Powder Power
Powp Powwow Pox
Poze Practicalize Practice
Practise Praemnire Praetermit
Pragmatize Praise Prance
Prank Prate Prattle
Pray Prayer Preace
Preach Preachify Preacquaint
Preact Preadmonish Preadvertise
Preamble Preambulate Preannounce
Preappoint Prearm Prearrange
Prease Prebendate Precalculate
Precaution Precede Precel
Precept Precipitate Preclude
Precogitate Precognosce Precompose
Preconceive Preconcert Precondemn
Preconform Preconizate Preconize
Preconquer Preconsign Preconstitute
Precontract Precontrive Predate
Prede Predecease Predeclare
Predefine Predesign Predestinate
Predestine Predetermine Predicate
Predict Predigest Predilect
Prediscover Predispose Predominate
Predoom Preelect Preemploy
Preempt Pre-Empt Preengage
Preerect Preestablish Preexamine
Preexist Preface Prefer
Prefigurate Prefigure Prefine
Prefix Preform Pregage
Pregravate Pregravitate Prehend
Preindispose Preinstruct Prejudge
Prejudicate Prejudice Prelate
Prelatize Prelect Prelimit
Prelook Prelude Premediate
Premeditate Premerit Premise
Premit Premonish Premonstrate
Premunite Prenominate Prenote
Preobtain Preoccupate Preoccupy
Preominate Preordain Preorder
Prepare Prepay Prepense
Preponder Preponderate Prepose
Prepossess Preprovide Prerequire
Preresolve Presage Prescind
Prescribe Preselect Present
Presentee Presentiate Preserve
Preshow Preside Presignify
Press Presspack Pressure
Pressurize Prest Prestige
Presume Presuppose Pretend
Pretermit Pretex Pretorture
Pretypify Prevail Prevaricate
Preve Prevene Prevent
Previse Prewarn Prey
Price Prick Prickle
Pricksong Pride Prie
Priest Prieve Prig
Prill Prim Prime
Primp Prince Principiate
Principle Prink Print
Prise Prison Privateer
Privatize Privilege Prize
Proach Probate Probe
Problematize Proceed Process
Procession Prochronize Proclaim
Procrastinate Procrastine Procreate
Procrusteanize Proctor Procure
Prod Prodigalize Prodigate
Produce Product Productize
Proem Profanate Profanation
Profane Profess Profession
Proffer Profile Profit
Profligate Profound Profuse
Prog Progenerate Prognostic
Prognosticate Programme Progress
Progue Prohibit Proin
Project Proke Prolapse
Prolate Proliferate Prolificate
Proll Prolog Prologize
Prologue Prolong Prolongate
Promenade Promerit Promise
Promote Promove Prompt
Promulgate Promulge Pronominalize
Pronounce Proof Prop
Propagate Propel Propend
Properate Property Prophane
Prophesy Prophetize Propine
Propitiate Propone Proportion
Proportionate Propose Propound
Propugn Propulse Prorate
Prorogate Prorogue Proscribe
Prose Prosecute Proselyte
Proselytize Prospect Prosper
Prostitute Prostrate Protect
Protend Protest Protestant
Protocol Protoxidize Protract
Protrude Protuberate Provant
Prove Proverb Proverbialize
Provide Provincialize Provinciate
Provine Provision Provoke
Prowl Proxy Prune
Pry Psalm Psalmodize
Pshaw Psych Publicize
Publish Pucker Pudder
Puddle Pue Puff
Pug Pugger Pugging
Puke Pule Pull
Pulley Pullulate Pulp
Pulsate Pulse Pult
Pulverate Pulverize Pulvil
Pumicate Pummel Pump
Pup Pupate Puppy
Pun Punch Punctuate
Puncture Pungent Punice
Punish Punt Punter
Pur Purchase Puree
Purfle Purge Purify
Puritanize Purl Purloin
Purple Purport Purpose
Purr Purse Pursue
Pursuit Pursuivant Purulently
Purvey Push Push-start
Pustulant Pustulate Puzzle
Put Putrefy Putrify
Putter Putty Pyne
Pyritize Pythagorize Pyx

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