Verbs That Start With R

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List of Verbs That Start With R

Here is the list of nine hundred seventy three (973) Verbs that start with R

Rabate Rabbate Rabbet
Rabbit Rabble Race
Rack Racket Racking
Raddle Radiate Radicalize
Radicate Raff Raffle
Raft Rafter Rag
Rage Raid Rail
Railroad Rain Raise
Rake Rally Ram
Ramble Ramify Ramp
Rampage Rampant Rampart
Rampire Ramshackle Ranch
Rand Randomize Randon
Range Rangle Rank
Rankle Ransack Ransom
Rant Rantipole Rap
Rape Rapine Rappee
Rapt Rapture Rapturize
Rarefy Rascal Rase
Rash Rasores Rasp
Raspatory Rasure Rat
Rate Ratify Ratiocinate
Ration Rationalize Ratoon
Ratten Ratting Rattle
Rattoon Raunch Ravage
Rave Ravel Raven
Ravin Ravine Ravish
Ray Raze Razee
Razor Reabsorb Reaccuse
Reach React Reactivate
Read Readdress Readept
Readjourn Readjust Readmit
Readopt Readorn Readvance
Ready Reaffirm Reafforest
Reagree Realize Reallege
Realliance Ream Reanimate
Reannex Reanswer Reap
Reapparel Reappear Reapply
Reappoint Reapportion Reapproach
Rear Reargue Rearrange
Reascend Reason Reassemble
Reassert Reassess Reassign
Reassimilate Reassociate Reassume
Reassure Reattach Reattain
Reattempt Reave Reawake
Rebanish Rebaptize Rebarbarize
Rebate Rebel Rebellion
Rebellow Rebloom Reblossom
Reboil Rebound Rebrace
Rebreathe Rebuff Rebuild
Rebuke Rebury Rebus
Rebut Recalcitrate Recall
Recant Recapacitate Recapitulate
Recapture Recarbonize Recarnify
Recarry Recast Recche
Recede Receipt Receive
Recelebrate Recense Recenter
Recess Rechange Recharge
Recharter Rechase Recheat
Rechoose Recidivate Reciprocate
Recite Reck Reckon
Reclaim Reclasp Recline
Reclose Reclothe Reclude
Recluse Recoct Recognize
Recognosce Recoil Recoin
Recoinage Recollect Recolonize
Recombine Recomfort Recommence
Recommend Recommission Recommit
Recompact Recompense Recompile
Recompose Reconcile Recondense
Reconduct Reconfirm Reconfort
Reconjoin Reconnoiter Reconnoitre
Reconquer Reconsecrate Reconsider
Reconsolate Reconsolidate Reconstruct
Recontinue Reconvene Reconvert
Reconvey Recopy Record
Recordation Recouch Recount
Recoup Recoupe Recourse
Recover Recreant Recreate
Recriminate Recross Recruit
Recrystallize Rectify Recule
Recumb Recuperate Recur
Recure Recurvate Recurve
Recuse Red Redact
Redargue Redden Rede
Redeem Redeliberate Redeliver
Redemand Redemise Redemonstrate
Redeposit Redescend Redigest
Rediminish Redintegrate Redirect
Redisburse Rediscover Redispose
Redisseize Redissolve Redistill
Redistribute Redistrict Redivide
Redouble Redoubt Redound
Redraft Redraw Redress
Redsear Redub Reduce
Reduction Reduplicate Ree
Reecho Reed Reedify
Reef Reek Reel
Re-elect Reelect Reem
Reembark Reembody Reembrace
Reemerge Re-enact Reenact
Reencourage Reendow Reenforce
Reengage Reengrave Reenjoy
Reenkindle Reenlist Reenslave
Reenter Reenthrone Reerect
Reestablish Reestate Reeve
Reexamine Reexchange Reexhibit
Reexpel Reexport Refar
Refashion Refasten Refect
Refel Refer Referee
Reference Referment Refigure
Refill Refinance Refind
Refine Refit Refix
Reflame Reflect Reflex
Reflourish Reflow Reflower
Refocillate Refold Refoment
Reforestize Reforge Reform
Reformado Reformalize Refortify
Refound Refract Refracture
Refragate Refrain Reframe
Refrenation Refreyd Refrigerate
Refuge Refund Refurbish
Refurnish Refuse Refute
Regain Regale Regard
Regardant Regather Regelate
Regenerate Regerminate Reget
Regild Regiment Register
Registrate Registration Regive
Regle Regne Regorge
Regrade Regraft Regrant
Regrate Regrede Regreet
Regress Regret Regrow
Reguerdon Regularize Regulate
Regulize Regurgitate Rehabilitate
Rehash Rehear Rehearse
Reheat Rehire Rehypothecate
Reigle Reign Reillume
Reilluminate Reillumine Reimbark
Reimbody Reimburse Reimplant
Reimport Reimportune Reimpose
Reimpregnate Reimpress Reimprint
Reimprison Rein Reinaugurate
Reincit Reincorporate Reincrease
Reincur Reinduce Reinfect
Reinforce Reinfund Reingratiate
Reinhabit Reinsert Reinspect
Reinspire Reinspirit Reinstall
Reinstate Reinstruct Reinsure
Reintegrate Reinter Reinterrogate
Reinthrone Reinthronize Reintroduce
Reinvest Reinvestigate Reinvigorate
Reinvolve Reissue Reiterate
Reject Rejoice Rejoin
Rejoinder Rejoint Rejolt
Rejourn Rejudge Rejuvenate
Rejuvenize Rekindle Rekne
Relade Reland Relapse
Relate Relax Relay
Release Relegate Relent
Relesse Relessor Relieve
Relight Religionize Relinquish
Reliquidate Relish Relive
Reload Relocate Relodge
Relove Reluct Reluctate
Relume Relumine Rely
Remain Remake Remand
Remanet Remark Remarry
Remast Remaster Remasticate
Remble Remean Remeasure
Remedy Remelt Remember
Rememorate Remercie Remercy
Remerge Remeve Remewe
Remigrate Remind Reminisce
Remise Remit Remix
Remodel Remodify Remold
Remonetize Remonstrate Remorate
Remord Remould Remount
Remove Remue Remunerate
Remurmur Ren Rename
Renavigate Renay Rencounter
Rend Render Rendezvous
Renege Renerve Renew
Reneye Renne Rennet
Renounce Renovate Renovel
Renown Rent Renter
Renumerate Renverse Renvoy
Reobtain Reoccupy Reopen
Reoppose Reordain Reorder
Reorganize Repace Repacify
Repack Repaganize Repaint
Repair Repartee Repass
Repast Repatriate Repay
Repeal Repeat Repel
Repent Repeople Repercuss
Reperuse Repine Replace
Replait Replant Replead
Replenish Replete Replevin
Replevy Replica Replicate
Reply Repolish Repone
Report Repose Reposit
Reposition Repossess Repour
Reprehend Reprehensory Represent
Repress Repreve Reprieve
Reprimand Reprint Reprise
Repristinate Reprive Reprize
Reproach Reprobate Reproduce
Reprove Reprune Republicanize
Republicate Republish Repudiate
Repugn Repugnate Repullulate
Repulse Repurchase Repurify
Reputation Repute Requere
Request Requicken Require
Requisition Requite Rereign
Re-release Reremouse Re-route
Resail Resalute Resaw
Rescat Rescind Rescowe
Rescribe Rescript Rescue
Rese Research Reseat
Resect Reseek Reseize
Resell Resemble Reseminate
Resend Resent Reserate
Reservatory Reserve Reset
Resettle Reshape Reship
Reside Resiege Resign
Resile Resist Resolute
Resolve Resonate Resorb
Resort Resoun Resound
Resource Resow Resown
Respeak Respect Respell
Resperse Respire Resplit
Respond Rest Restagnate
Restate Restaurate Restem
Restinguish Restitute Restitution
Restoratory Restore Restrain
Restrengthen Restrict Restringe
Restrive Resublime Result
Resume Resummon Resupply
Resurrect Resurrectionize Resurvey
Resuscitate Ret Retail
Retain Retake Retaliate
Retard Retch Retell
Retex Retire Retort
Retortion Retoss Retouch
Retrace Retract Retractate
Retransform Retranslate Retread
Retreat Retrench Retribute
Retrieve Retrim Retroact
Retrocede Retrograde Retrospect
Retrovert Retrude Retry
Rette Retund Return
Reunite Reurge Revaccinate
Revalue Revamp Reve
Reveal Revegetate Revel
Revelate Revellent Revendicate
Revenge Reverb Reverberate
Reverdure Revere Reverence
Reverse Revert Revest
Revet Revetment Revibrate
Revict Revictual Revie
Review Revigorate Revile
Revince Revindicate Revise
Revisit Revitalize Revive
Revivificate Revivify Revocate
Revoice Revoke Revolt
Revolutionize Revolve Revulse
Rewake Reward Rewe
Rewin Rewle Reword
Rewrite Reyse Rhapsodize
Rhetoricate Rhetorize Rhyme
Rib Ribbon Ribroast
Rich Rick Ricochet
Rid Riddle Ride
Ridge Ridicule Ridiculize
Ridotto Riffle Rifle
Rift Rig Riggle
Right Right-click Righten
Rightwise Rigidly Rile
Rill Rim Rime
Rimey Rimple Rind
Ring Rinse Riot
Rip Ripe Ripen
Ripple Riprap Ripsaw
Rise Risk Rival
Rive Rivel River
Rivet Rizzar Roach
Roam Roar Roast
Rob Robe Roborate
Rock Rocket Rockrose
Rodent Rodomontade Rogue
Roil Roin Roist
Roister Roll Rollic
Romage Romance Romanize
Romp Roof Rook
Room Roost Root
Rope Ropery Roquet
Rose Rosin Ross
Rot Rotate Rote
Roty Rouge Rough
Roughcast Roughdraw Roughdry
Roughen Roughhew Roughwork
Rouk Roun Round
Roundridge Roup Rouse
Roust Rout Route
Rove Rover Row
Rowel Rown Royalize
Royne Rub Rubber-stamp
Rubbish Rubify Rubric
Rubricate Ruby Ruck
Rud Ruddle Ruddy
Rudiment Rue Ruff
Ruffian Ruffle Rug
Rugine Ruin Ruinate
Rule Rumble Ruminate
Rummage Rumor Rumple
Run Rupture Ruralize
Rush Russianize Russify
Rust Rusticate Rustle
Rut Ruth Rutilate

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