Verbs That Start With S

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List of Verbs That Start With S

Here is the list of one thousand seventy (1070) Verbs that start with S

Saber Sable Sabre
Saccharify Saccharize Sack
Sacrament Sacramentize Sacrate
Sacre Sacrifice Sad
Sadden Saddle Sadducize
Safe Safeguard Saffron
Sag Saginate Sail
Sain Saint Saith
Salaam Salary Sale
Salient Salify Salite
Salivate Sallow Sally
Salmon Salt Saltant
Saltate Saltire Salue
Salute Salvage Salve
Same Sample Sanctificate
Sanctify Sanction Sanctuarize
Sand Sandpaper Sandwich
Sanguify Sanguine Sanitize
Santer Sap Sapientize
Saponify Sarcle Sark
Sarse Sash Sass
Sate Satiate Satirize
Satisfy Satle Saturate
Sauce Saunter Sauta
Sauter Savage Save
Savior Savor Saw
Say Scab Scabbard
Scabble Scaffold Scald
Scale Scallop Scalp
Scamble Scamper Scan
Scandal Scandalize Scant
Scantle Scantling Scape
Scapement Scapple Scar
Scare Scarf Scarify
Scarlet Scarp Scath
Scathe Scatter Scavenge
Scavenger Scene Scent
Scepter Sceptre Scern
Schedule Schematize Scheme
Schismatize Scholiaze Scholy
School Science Scintillate
Scise Scissor Scoat
Scoff Scolay Scold
Scoley Scollop Scomfish
Scomfit Sconce Scoot
Scope Scoppet Scorch
Score Scorify Scorn
Scorse Scotch Scoth
Scotticize Scour Scourge
Scourse Scout Scow
Scowl Scrabble Scraffle
Scramble Scranch Scrap
Scrape Scrat Scratch
Scrawl Screak Scream
Screech Screen Screw
Scribble Scribe Scriggle
Scrimp Scrimshaw Scrine
Scrouge Scrub Scrunch
Scruple Scrupulist Scrutinize
Scrutiny Scruze Scry
Scud Scuddle Scuff
Scuffle Scug Scull
Sculp Sculpture Scum
Scumber Scumble Scummer
Scunner Scupper Scur
Scurry Scutch Scuttle
Scyle Scythe Sdan
Sdeign Seal Seam
Sear Searce Search
Searcloth Season Seat
Secede Secern Seche
Seclude Second Second-guess
Secret Secrete Sectarianize
Section Sectionalize Sectionize
Secularize Secundate Secure
Sedate Seduce See
Seed Seek Seel
Seem Seemly Seep
Seesaw Seethe Segment
Segregate Seigniorize Seise
Seize Sejein Seke
Select Self-destruct Sell
Semicastrate Seminate Send
Senge Seniorize Sensate
Sense Sensitize Sensualize
Sent Sentence Sentimentalize
Sentinel Separate Sepose
Seposit Septentrionate Septuple
Sepulcher Sepulchre Sequester
Sequestrate Serenade Serene
Serf Serialize Sermon
Sermonize Serpent Serpentine
Serpentinize Serpentize Serr
Serry Servant Serve
Sess Set Setter
Settle Sever Severalize
Sew Sewe Sex
Sexualize Shab Shack
Shackle Shade Shadow
Shaffle Shaft Shag
Shagreen Shail Shake
Shale Shall Shallow
Sham Shamble Shame
Shampoo Shanghai Shank
Shanty Shape Share
Shark Sharp Sharpen
Shatter Shave Shawl
Sheading Sheaf Sheal
Shear Sheathe Sheave
Shed Sheen Sheepbite
Sheer Sheet Shelf
Shell Shelter Shelve
Shent Shepherd Shet
Shete Shew Shie
Shield Shiff Shift
Shill Shilling Shilly-shally
Shimmer Shin Shindle
Shine Shingle Ship
Shipwreck Shirk Shirt
Shiver Shoal Shock
Shoddy Shode Shoe
Shog Shoggle Shoo
Shook Shoot Shop
Shore Short Shortcake
Short-change Short-circuit Shorten
Short-list Shot Shote
Shoulder Shout Shove
Shovel Show Shower
Shrag Shram Shred
Shriek Shrieve Shrike
Shrill Shrimp Shrine
Shrink Shrive Shrivel
Shrood Shroud Shrove
Shrowd Shrub Shrug
Shuck Shudder Shuffle
Shuffling Shug Shun
Shunt Shut Shutter
Shuttle Shuttlecock Shy
Sibilate Siccate Sick
Sicken Sicker Sickly
Side Siderealize Sidle
Siege Sift Sig
Sigger Sigh Sight
Sight-read Sign Signal
Signate Signation Signature
Signiorize Signpost Sike
Silage Sile Silence
Silhouette Silicify Silken
Silt Silver Silverize
Similize Simmer Simper
Simple Simplify Simulate
Sin Sinch Sinecure
Sinew Sing Singe
Single Singsong Singularize
Sink Sinner Sinuate
Sip Sipe Siphon
Sipple Sire Sirenize
Siss Sist Sister
Sit Site Sithe
Situate Size Sizzle
Siver Skall Skate
Skedaddle Skelder Skeletonize
Skelly Skelp Skelter
Sken Skepticize Sketch
Skew Skewer Ski
Skid Skiff Skilder
Skill Skim Skimp
Skin Skinch Skink
Skip Skipper Skirmish
Skirr Skirt Skit
Skittish Skittles Skive
Sklere Skreen Skrike
Skrimp Skringe Skulk
Skun Skunk Skurry
Sky Skyrocket Slabber
Slack Slacken Slag
Slake Slam Slam-dunk
Slander Slang Slant
Slap Slapdash Slash
Slat Slate Slatter
Slattern Slaughter Slave
Slaver Slay Sle
Sleave Sled Sledge
Slee Sleek Sleep
Sleet Sleeve Sleid
Slent Slew Sley
Slice Slick Slidder
Slidderly Sliddery Slide
Slight Slighten Slim
Slime Sling Slink
Slip Slipes Slit
Slither Slive Sliver
Slobber Slock Slocken
Slop Slope Slot
Sloth Slouch Slough
Slow Slowworm Slub
Slubber Slue Slug
Sluggardize Sluice Slumber
Slump Slur Slush
Sly Smack Small
Smalt Smart Smarten
Smartle Smash Smatch
Smatter Smear Smeeth
Smell Smelt Smerk
Smicker Smight Smile
Smilt Smirch Smirk
Smite Smitt Smittle
Smock Smoke Smolder
Smooch Smoor Smooth
Smoothen Smore Smother
Smouch Smoulder Smudge
Smug Smuggle Smut
Smutch Ssnack Snaffle
Snag Ssnake Snap
Snape Snar Snare
Snarl Snast Snatch
Snathe Sneak Sneap
Sneb Sneck Sned
Sneer Sneeze Snet
Snew Snib Snick
Snicker Sniff Sniffle
Snift Snig Snigger
Sniggger Sniggle Snip
Snite Snivel Snood
Snook Snooze Snore
Snort Snot Snotter
Snout Snow Snowball
Snub Snudge Snuff
Snuffle Snug Snuggle
Soak Soap Soar
Sob Sober Soberize
Socialize Sociate Socinianize
Sod Sodden Soder
Sock Soften Soft-soap
Soil Sojourn Solace
Solarize Solder Soldier
Sole Solecize Solemnizate
Solemnize Soleship Sol-fa
Solfeggiare Solicit Solicitous
Solidate Solidify Soliloquize
Sollar Solo Solstice
Solute Solve Somber
Sombre Somnambulate Somne
Sond Sonde Sonnet
Sompne Sonneteer Sonnetize
Soot Soothe Soothsay
Sooty Sop Sophister
Sophisticate Sopite Soporate
Sorn Sororize Sorrow
Sort Sortance Sortie
Sorwe Soss Sot
Souce Sough Souir
Souke Soul Soun
Sound Soune Soup
Sour Sourde Souse
South Southsay Sovereignize
Sow Sowce Sowl
Sowle Sowne Sowse
Soyle Sozzle Space
Spacelate Spade Spae
Spall Span Spancel
Spane Spang Spangle
Spaniel Spank Spar
Sparble Spare Sparge
Spark Sparkle Sparpoil
Sparse Spasm Spat
Spatiate Spatter Spawl
Spawn Spay Speak
Spear Specialize Specificate
Specify Speck Speckle
Spectate Speculate Speech
Speechify Speed Speer
Speet Speir Speke
Spell Spelt Spend
Sper Spere Spermatize
Sperre Sperse Spet
Spew Sphacelate Sphere
Spice Spiculate Spight
Spike Spile Spill
Spin Spindle Spiral
Spire Spirit Spiritualize
Spirt Spirtle Spit
Spitchcock Spite Spittle
Splash Splatter Splay
Spleen Splice Splint
Splinter Split Splurge
Splutter Spoil Spoke
Spoliate Spoliation Sponge
Sponsor Spool Spoom
Spoon Spoon-feed Spoor
Sport Spot Spousage
Spout Sprag Sprain
Spraints Sprawl Spray
Spread Sprenge Sprig
Spright Spring Springe
Sprinkle Sprint Sprit
Sprout Spruce Sprug
Sprunt Spue Spume
Spur Spurgall Spurge
Spurn Spurt Spurtle
Spute Sputter Spy
Squab Squabash Squabble
Squail Squall Squander
Square Squash Squat
Squawk Squawl Squeak
Squeal Squeeze Squelch
Squib Squiggle Squint
Squiny Squire Squirm
Squirr Squirrel Squirt
Stab Stabilitate Stabilize
Stable Stablish Stack
Staddle Staff Stag
Stage Stage-manage Stagger
Stagnate Stain Stake
Stale Stalemate Stalk
Stall Staller Stall-feed
Staminate Stammer Stamp
Stampede Stanch Stand
Standardize Stang Stank
Staple Star Starboard
Starch Stare Stark
Start Startle Starve
State Station Statue
Statuminate Stave Staw
Stay Stead Steady
Steak Steal Stealth
Steam Stean Steek
Steel Steem Steen
Steep Steepen Steer
Steeve Steik Stein
Stell Stellify Stem
Stench Stencil Stenograph
Stent Step Stere
Stereotype Sterilize Stern
Sterve Stet Stethoscope
Steve Stew Steward
Stick Stickle Stickleback
Stickler Stiff Stiffen
Stifle Stigma Stigmatize
Stile Stiletto Still
Stilt Stiltify Stimulate
Stimulus Sting Stink
Stint Stipend Stipendiate
Stipple Stipulate Stir
Stirrup Stirt Stitch
Stithy Stive Stoak
Stoccade Stock Stockade
Stocking Stoke Stoker
Stomach Stomp Stond
Stone Stook Stool

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