Verbs That Start With T

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List of Verbs That Start With T

Here is the list of five hundred seventy one (571) Verbs that start with T

Ta Tabby Tabefy
Taber Tabernacle Table
Taboo Tabor Tabour
Tabu Tabularize Tabulate
Tack Tackle Tag
Tail Tailor Taint
Take Tale Talent
Talk Tallage Tallow
Tally Tambour Tame
Tamp Tamper Tampon
Tan Tang Tangent
Tangle Tantalize Tantamount
Tantivy Tap Taper
Tapestry Tapis Tapish
Tappice Tappis Tar
Tarbogan Tardy Tare
Target Tariff Tarnish
Tarre Tarry Tart
Tartarize Tas Task
Tassel Taste Tath
Tatt Tatter Tattle
Tattoo Taunt Tautologize
Taw Tax Taxi
Taxidermy Tea Teach
Team Tear Tease
Teasel Teasle Teathe
Teazel Teazle Ted
Tedder Tee Teem
Teen Teend Teeter
Teeth Teethe Tegumentary
Telegraph Telephone Telescope
Tell Tellurize Temp
Temper Temperament Temperance
Temperate Tempest Temple
Temporize Tempt Tenant
Tend Tender Tenderize
Tene Tennis Tenon
Tent Tenter Tenuate
Tepefy Terebrate Tergiversate
Term Terminate Termine
Terrace Terrestrify Terrify
Territorialize Terrorize Tertiate
Tessellate Test Testamentize
Testern Testify Testimony
Tetanize Tether Tetter
Tew Tewtaw Text
Texture Thak Thank
Thanksgive Thaw The
Theologize Theorem Theorize
Theosophize Thermolyze Thick
Thicken Thieve Thimblerig
Thin Think Thirl
Thirst Thole Thorn
Thou Thrack Thrall
Thrash Thraste Thraw
Thread Threap Threaten
Threpe Thresh Threste
Thrid Thrifallow Thrill
Thring Thrive Throat
Throb Throdden Throe
Throne Throng Thropple
Throttle Throw Thrum
Thrust Thryfallow Thud
Thumb Thump Thunder
Thunderstrike Thurl Thwack
Thwart Thwite Thwittle
Tibicinate Tice Tick
Ticket Tickle Tidder
Tiddle Tide Tidy
Tie Tie-dye Tier
Tiff Tight Tighten
Tile Till Tiller
Tillow Tilt Timber
Time Times Tin
Tinct Tincture Tind
Tine Ting Tinge
Tingle Tink Tinker
Tinkle Tinsel Tint
Tip Tipple Tipsify
Tiptoe Tire Tissue
Tithe Titillate Titter
Titterel Tittlebat Titubate
Tiver Toady Toast
Tobacconist Toboggan Tobogganist
Tod Toddle Toe
Tohew Toil Tol
Tole Tolerate Toll
Tollbooth Tomahawk Tomb
Tone Tongue Tonguester
Tool Toom Toot
Tooth Top Topcoat
Top-dress Tope Topple
Top-slice Torace Torase
Torch Toreador To-rend
Torment Torpedo Torpify
Torrefy Torture Toscatter
Tose Toshred Toss
Toswink Total Totalize
Tote Totear Totly
Totter Touch Touch-type
Tough Toughen Tour
Tourney Touse Tousel
Tousle Tout Touze
Tow Towage Towel
Tower Towline Toy
Toze Trace Track
Tract Tractable Trade
Tradition Traduce Traduct
Traffic Trail Train
Traipse Trait Traitor
Traject Tralineate Tramble
Trammel Tramp Trample
Trampoose Trance Tranquilize
Tranquillize Transact Transanimate
Transcend Transcolate Transcorporate
Transcribe Transcur Transdialect
Transelement Transelementate Transfeminate
Transfer Transfigurate Transfigure
Transfix Transforate Transform
Transfreight Transfrete Transfund
Transfuse Transgress Transhape
Tranship Transhumanize Transit
Transition Translate Transliterate
Transmeate Transmew Transmigrate
Transmit Transmogrify Transmove
Transmute Transnature Transpare
Transpass Transpatronize Transpeciate
Transpierce Transpire Transplace
Transplant Transport Transpose
Transprint Transprose Transshape
Transship Transubstantiate Transude
Transume Transvasate Transverberate
Transverse Transvert Trant
Trap Trapan Trape
Trapes Trash Traumatize
Traunce Traunt Travail
Travel Traverse Travesty
Trawl Tray Tread
Treasure Treat Treble
Tree Tremble Tremor
Trench Trenchant Trencher
Trenchmore Trend Trendle
Trepan Trepanize Trephine
Trespass Trial Triangulate
Tribe Tribute Trice
Trichinize Trick Trickle
Trifallow Trifle Trig
Trill Trim Trindle
Trine Trinket Trinkle
Trip Tripartite Triple
Triplicate Tripudiate Trisect
Trist Tristitiate Triturate
Triumph Triumplant Trivialize
Troat Troll Troop
Tropologize Trot Trothplight
Trouble Troul Trounce
Trouser Trow Truant
Truck Truckle Trudge
Trump Trumpet Truncate
Truncheon Trundle Trunk
Truss Trust Trustee
Truth Try Tryst
Tub Tube Tubicinate
Tuck Tucker Tuft
Tug Tull Tumble
Tumefy Tump Tumulate
Tumult Tumultuate Tun
Tune Tunnel Tup
Turbinate Turf Turgesce
Turmoil Turn Turney
Turnip Turnpike Tusk
Tussle Tut Tutor
Tutorize Twaddle Twang
Twangle Twank Twattle
Tweag Tweak Tweedle
Tweel Twiddle Twifallow
Twig Twight Twill
Twin Twine Twinge
Twink Twinkle Twire
Twirl Twist Twit
Twitch Twitter Tye
Tympanize Tynd Tyne
Type Typewrite Typify
Tyrannize Tyrant Tyre

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